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Library Liaison Mission

The Mission of the Liaison Program is to support the goals and objectives of the McNeese State University Library. In particular, the program supports providing access to information and engaging in collaborative projects.

Library Liaison Goals

A Library Liaison is a library faculty member who acts as the primary communication link between the Library and an academic department within the university.

Duties include:

  • Promoting library resources pertinent to academic departments 
  • Assisting the Acquisitions Librarian with material selection for an academic department
  • Increasing the presence of the library with students and faculty
  • Receiving and responding to feedback from the academic departments concerning the library

About the Program

McNeese’s Frazar Memorial Library has added a new tool to its Liaison program. Library Liaisons will begin using LibGuides to organize information and resources by academic discipline. Over 1,200 academic, public, and special libraries in 25 countries use the LibGuides program to provide research guides to their library visitors.

At McNeese, LibGuides will provide access to books, journals, databases, Internet resources, helpful information, and other materials useful to the McNeese community. Perhaps the most important feature of LibGuides is the high level of interactivity it fosters. Students, faculty, and staff can rate individual resources, request materials, and suggest other links not already included. In short, LibGuides allows for quick and easy feedback to Liaisons to improve the Library’s services.

Each Liaison will partner with an academic department to assist in acquiring useful materials, match library resources with curriculum needs, maintain the LibGuide, keep abreast of new materials, and address any Library-related issues. In addition to its many features, each LibGuide page includes contact information for the Department’s Liaison.  The Library hopes that LibGuides will open a new communication channel with the academic departments for a more streamlined integration of pertinent resources into day-to-day coursework.