Department of Interdisciplinary Studies

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The Department of Interdisciplinary Studies offers programs leading to the Associate of General Studies and Bachelor of General Studies degrees for students who have a broad range of interests and are seeking a diverse curriculum. General studies degree programs allow students to explore their interests while simultaneously preparing them for a variety of careers. Furthermore, the general studies programs allow students to combine the credits they may have accumulated as a result of changing their curriculum while searching for their best educational plan. The general studies programs also serve as a stepping stone for students wishing to further their education at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

The general studies degree programs have a significant population of students consisting of local traditional students, student-athletes and non-traditional adult students. The general studies programs are available part-time, full-time, on-campus, online or in hybrid formats. Daytime, weekend and accelerated online courses allow education to fit seamlessly into our students’ busy lives. We change the lives of students through a mix of research, instruction, and student life activities, with a focus on student learning and mentoring.

Areas of Study

Associate’s Degrees

Associate of General Studies, Applied and Natural Sciences Concentration

Associate of General Studies, Arts and Humanities Concentration

Associate of General Studies, Behavioral Sciences Concentration

Bachelor’s Degrees

Bachelor of General Studies

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Department Head

Dr. Jodi Willis