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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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When can I apply to McNeese?
We take applications for future terms as soon as you are ready to submit them! Please take a careful look at all requirements for admission for your student type.  Be aware that there are deadlines that guarantee your documents will be processed for
each semester of study.

The deadlines are as follows:
Fall: May 15
Spring: October 15
Summer: March 15
We accept documents after the deadline, but we cannot guarantee processing in time for the commencement of the semester.

Does McNeese State University offer an English program?
No, we do not have an on-campus English program.
Can I send you a scan/copy of my ACT or SAT scores?
No. We must receive these scores directly from the testing service for admission purposes.You must contact the company directly and ask them to send your scores to McNeese State University.
Can I send you a scan/copy of my TOEFL or IELTS scores?
TOEFL scores must be sent directly from the testing agency for admission purposes.You must contact the company directly and ask them to send your scores to McNeese State University.
IELTS scores can be sent as a scan or copy. On every IELTS score report form, there is a little block on the lower right hand side labeled “Test Report Form Number”. McNeese participates in an online verification system where we type your Test Report Form number into a database and can electronically verify your score. This means you can send an unofficial copy and it can be deemed official after verification.

My parents did not keep my medical records/my medical records are in a foreign language/I don’t have access to a doctor right now for confirmation of immunizations. What do I do?

There are several reasons why you cannot submit adequate proof of immunizations.  Our office recommends that you sign the waiver available on the McNeese Proof of Immunization form PDF.
You can “sign the waiver” by fully filling out the Student Information section (section 1) on the front of the form. On the back (page 2) of the form, check-mark “personal” for both waiver sections and sign and date both sections.
This waiver is in lieu of providing extensive shot records. Our office advises that you sign the waiver to avoid having a hold placed on your account for insufficient documentation.
Can I send you a scan/copy of my McNeese affidavit of support form or bank letter?
Yes. Our policy allows scans/copies of these documents.
**SACM sponsored students may email our office their Financial Guarantee.
If I finished an ESL program elsewhere, do I still need a TOEFL/IELTS?
Yes. Currently, the only students who are allowed to receive admission without TOEFL or IELTS scores are the graduates of the ELS (Level 112) program or Kaplan who applied for conditional admission to McNeese upon entering the program.
Can I send in an evaluation done by someone other than GCE or WES?
No. We only accept evaluations from GCE or WES. Other companies will not be accepted.
*Note that we only require post-secondary school work be evaluated. Your High School (Secondary School) transcripts will be evaluated by the admissions staff at McNeese.
They don’t have the ACT or SAT in my country. Do I still have to take this examination?
Our admission requirements mandate that First-Time Freshman students need to have qualifying SAT, ACT, or ACCUPLACER scores in English and Math to be accepted for admission.
A “qualifying” minimum score is as follows:

ACT: 18 English and 19 Math
SAT:  500 Evidence-Based Reading and Writing

ACCUPLACER: 250 Next-Generation Writing AND 263 Next-Generation Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics
o look at test center locations in the U.S for the ACT, visit:

*Transfer students from a U.S. College/University may need to take the ACT or SAT depending on completed coursework, but this requirement can often be waived after transcript evaluation. Please email with your transcript to inquire as to whether you meet the waiver requirements.

When do I get my I-20?
An I-20 cannot be issued until a student has been accepted into McNeese State University. If you are applying for scholarships from McNeese or transferring from a U.S. college/university/English language program, the process will take place after we receive a response from the scholarship office and you have been transferred from your previous institution.
When do I register for classes?
Once you’ve been accepted, received an I-20, and have “checked-in” to our office, we will let you know the details for registering for courses.
All new international students cannot register for courses until they’ve completed the “check-in” procedures at our office. Please remember to bring your passport, visa, our I-20, and all previous I-20s on your first visit to our office.
Can I work while studying?
No. Students on an F-1 (student) visa are NOT allowed to work while studying. The only exception to this rule is if a student obtains on campus employment. McNeese offers the chance for undergraduate and graduate students to work on campus.
Undergraduate students can seek employment by contacting the office of student employment located in Smith Hall.
Graduate students also have the opportunity to work as Graduate Assistants. This position reduces the cost of tuition and waives out of state fees assessed to international students. Details for Graduate Assistantships are to be discussed with the specific department in which you intend to apply.
I couldn’t make it to McNeese before the start date on my I-20. What do I do?
You will be required to update your semester to a later term by applying for the future term online.  Students are allowed to update their semester once for free. After the first update, you will be charged the $30 application fee to update your semester.
What is the GRE score for my Masters program?
Please see the chart on the First Time Graduate page.