Membership and Committees


College of Business
 Cynthia Cano
Jeffery Stevens
Teng Zhang

College of Education
Christine Anthony
Chad Chaisson
Angelique Ogea
MaryAnn “Mimi” Wallace

College of Engineering and Computer Science
Jacob Borden
John Li
Vipin Menon

College of Liberal Arts
Sabina Amanbayeva
David Armstrong
Ken Baskin
Christa Bell
Nancy Blain
Muhammad Haque
Bobby Keeling
Kevin Kritsch
Rod Lauderdale
Son Mai
Steve Thompson

College of Nursing and Health Professions
Mary Dubriel
Angela Durio
Sonya Hidalgo
Rhonda Johnson
Kathlene Williams
Veronica Woodard

College of Science and Agriculture
Jennifer Berken
Tara Duck
Edward Ferguson
Amber Hale
Melinda Melton
Gerard Ornas
Troy Sampere
Wannee Tangkham

Frazar Library
Lonnie Beene
Walt Fontane

Faculty Senate Committee Appointments

ACADEMIC AFFAIRS –  The Committee on Academic Affairs handle matters pertaining to academic policies (including policies concerning teaching load and course preparations), faculty competence, promotions, admissions, academic standards, grading standards, and related matters.
Vipin Menon (chair), Jacob Borden, Kat Williams, Jen Berken, Lenny Ornas, Zhuang Li, Nancy Blain, Ed Ferguson, Kevin Kritsch, Cynthia Cano

FACULTY AND TEACHING AFFAIRS – The Committee on Faculty Affairs handles matters pertaining to faculty development, faculty scholarship, teaching and teaching resources, working conditions, class sizes, and related matters.
Members: Kathlene Williams (chair), Vipin Menon, Rod Lauderdale, Jen Berken, Lenny Ornas, Zhuang Li, Sabina Amanbayeva, Melinda Melton, Christa Bell, Mimi Wallace, Rhonda Johnson, Kevin Kritsch, Muhammad Haque, Nancy Blain, Troy Sampere

RULES – The Rules Committee handles matters pertaining to the Senate’s procedures, By-Laws, Charter, and related matters. The Rules committee also makes periodic studies of the Senate to determine its role in the University. It is recommended the Rules Committee be chaired by the faculty senate parliamentarian.
Members: Sonya Hidalgo (chair), Jacob Borden, Amber Hale, Vipin Menon, Steve Thompson, Ed Ferguson, Lonnie Beene, Rhonda Johnson

STUDENT RELATIONS – The Student Affairs Committee handles matters pertaining to students and will facilitate communication among faculty and student organizations. The Student Relations Committee will be the faculty senate’s official avenue for working with the McNeese Student Government Association on issues effecting faculty and students.
Members: Muhammad Haque (chair), Bobby Keeling, Nancy Blain, Jacob Borden, Nancy Blain, Jacob Borden, Rhonda Johnson, Kevin Kritsch, Tara Duck, Jen Berken, Rod Lauderdale, Troy Sampere

COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP – The Community Partnership Committee handles matters pertaining to community outreach in an effort to advocate for higher education through engagement with the community as well as local, state, and higher education leadership.
Members: Amber Hale (chair), Sabrina Amanbayeva, Nancy Blain, Walt Fontane, Vipin Menon, Kat Williams, Veronica Woodard, Tara Duck

COMMITTEE ON COMMITTEES – The Committee on Committees handles matters pertaining to senate elections. It is therefore recommended the Committee on Committees be comprised of one senator from each academic college. The Committee on Committees also recommends to the President of the Senate members of the General Faculty each year to serve on some of the University’s standing committees.  The Committee shall recommend which University standing committees should be subject to expansion.
Members:  Mary Dubriel (chair), Vipin Menon, Sonya Hidalgo, John Keeling, Ed Ferguson, Mimi Wallace, Steve Thompson, Angela Durio, Troy Sampere, Angelique Ogea, Rod Lauderdale, Cynthia Cano

TOWN HALL – The Community Partnership Committee handles matters pertaining to public forums on higher education in conjunction with local and state leadership and other organizations.
Members: Jacob Borden (chair), Walt Fontane, Matt Butkus, Chad Chaisson, Vipin Menon, Rhonda Johnson, Christa Bell, Melinda Melton, John Keeling
The President of the Senate also has the authority to create special ad hoc committees to deal with matters that do not fall within the jurisdiction of the standing committees.

University-wide committee appointments are maintained on the Faculty Senate Moodle site.