Center for Advancement of Meat Production and Processing

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The McNeese Center for Advancement of Meat Production and Processing (CAMPP) is a one-of-a-kind facility that provides valuable education and hands-on training for agricultural sciences students in all areas of meat harvesting. In addition to being the only federally inspected red meat harvest facility in the state, it is also unique to McNeese — only a few universities in the United States house similar facilities.

This 7,350-square-foot meat processing and production facility is located on a 16-acre tract of land just off I-10 in Jefferson Davis Parish, approximately 25 minutes from the McNeese main campus in Lake Charles.

Under the administration of the Harold and Pearl Dripps School of Agricultural Sciences, CAMPP contains equipment for processing beef, swine, sheep and goats, plus equipment for sausage making and custom meat processing, commercial refrigeration equipment and a retail sales area. The program also encompasses related aspects such as packaging, preservation, marketing, transportation, quality assurance and food safety. In addition, faculty, staff and students conduct applied research at CAMPP in animal science and related areas to benefit the local and national industry.


All CAMPP meats are locally sourced from the McNeese Farm just off Highway 14, one of three university-run farms operating in Allen and Calcasieu parishes, where students get practical hands-on experience in raising cows, pigs and goats. Thanks to this unique farm-to-table operation, a CAMPP retail store operated by students is open to the public. The store – located in Room 121 of Gayle Hall on campus – sells cuts of meat that include steaks, roasts, tenderloins, bacon, ground meat and stew meat.

For more information on CAMPP, contact the College of Agricultural Sciences at 337-475-5690.