2023 District Literary Rally

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Rally Day Reminders:

  • Students need to bring their own #2 pencils/NO pencil sharpeners will be available on rally day, so bring extras. 
  • Students should dress in layers(some classrooms are cold as others are warm).
  • All of the test start at 9:00am sharp, so please make sure to arrive early.  Students only have an hour to take their test.  
  • Students need to know how to circle in a scantron answer sheet.  The scantrons will be provided by the test proctors.  Make sure to print your name legibly on the scantron answer sheet so it may be scored
  • Know which test are allowed to use calculators & which calculators are allowed. Visit the State Rally website for info  https://lhsra.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/Calculator-use-policies-2023.pdf
  • Unofficial results will be posted at the Burton Business Conference Center the day of rally starting around 10:30am until all tests are turned in, which are normally completed around noon.  Students please remember that these are unofficial results, so remember that a lot can change once test packets are double checked the following Monday & Tuesday.  Once results are finalized, official results will be posted on the district rally website (which won’t happen until probably Wednesday, February 8th).
  • The McNeese District Rally Coordinator will then email State Rally (LSU) our districts results, so they know who is eligible to attend on March 4, 2023 the State Rally Test
  • Students to participate in Spring Preview Day on rally day if they are able to attend. Visit this link to see the agenda 
  • The University Bookstore(# 20 Bookstore) will be open from 8:30am-12:00pm as well as the convenience store(#21 Student Union Annex) in the Student Union.

*School Buses should unload the students on campus and then park at either the softball field or football field. We have several events occurring on campus this day and will need access to all of the parking lots.

November 14, 2022McNeese District Registration form opens & emails will go out to Coordinators
November 16, 2022State Rally High School Coordinator Zoom meeting @ 10:00am
State Rally would have sent out the invite, but I can email the info to you if you did not receive it.
December 9, 2022Postmark deadline for Literary rally forms and fees.

SWLRA attn: Kourtney Istre
McNeese State University
Box 91740
Lake Charles, LA, 70609

Divisions I, II, & III        $80/school
Divisions IV & V           $55/school    

All checks made payable to SWLRA. All Literary contestants must be registered and foreign language forms submitted by 4:00 pm.
January 13, 2023Deadline for Literary Substitutions – 12:00 pm (Substitutions need to be emailed to kistre@mcneese.edu)
February 4, 2023Southwest Louisiana Literary Rally @ McNeese Test start at 9:00AM SHARP!!!
March 4, 2023State Rally, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge Check the LSU State Rally Website for location and times www.lsu.edu/rally
2023 Literary Rally

** McNeese’s Spring Preview Day is the same day as Literary Rally. February 4, 2023 – All students are invited.

Questions or Concerns?

Call Kourtney Istre at 337-475-5505 or 1-800-622-3352, ext 5505 or kistre@mcneese.edu