Rally Awards 2024

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.Who Qualifies for State Rally:

Division I1st & 2nd Place
Division II1st & 2nd Place
Division III1st thru 3rd Place
Division IV1st & 2nd Place
Division V1st thru 4th Place

Unofficial results will be posted at the Burton Business Conference Center the day of rally starting around 10:30am until all tests are turned in, which are normally completed around noon.  Students please remember that these are unofficial results, so remember that a lot can change once test packets are double checked the following Monday & Tuesday.  Once results are finalized, official results will be posted on the district rally website (which won’t happen until probably Wednesday, February 28th).


Download / Print the Official Results by Subject

Download / Print the Official Results by Schools

Accounting 2024

DIVSchool NameStudent NamePlaceOverallSubject

Functions & Statistics 2024

DIVSchool NameStudent NamePlaceOverallSubject
1Advanced Math – Functions & Statistics
1Advanced Math – Functions & Statistics
3Advanced Math – Functions & Statistics
3Advanced Math – Functions & Statistics
3Advanced Math – Functions & Statistics
3Advanced Math – Functions & Statistics
5Advanced Math – Functions & Statistics

Pre Calculus 2024

DIVSchool NameStudent NamePlaceOverallSubject
1Advanced Math – Pre Calculus
1Advanced Math – Pre Calculus
1Advanced Math – Pre Calculus
2Advanced Math – Pre Calculus
2XAdvanced Math – Pre Calculus
3Advanced Math – Pre Calculus
3Advanced Math – Pre Calculus
3Advanced Math – Pre Calculus
3 Advanced Math – Pre Calculus
3Advanced Math – Pre Calculus
3Advanced Math – Pre Calculus
4Advanced Math – Pre Calculus
5Advanced Math – Pre Calculus
5Advanced Math – Pre Calculus

Agriscience I 2022

DIVSchool NameStudent NamePlaceOverallSubject
1Sulphur High SchoolKatherine Foster1stXAgriscience I
3Grand Lake High SchoolElizabeth Daigle5thAgriscience I
3Rosepine High SchoolAustin James3rdAgriscience I
3Welsh High School Sadie Achane1stAgriscience I
3Bell City High SchoolKaden Tullos2ndAgriscience I
3East Beauregard High SchoolBenjamin Hagan4thAgriscience I
4Hathaway High SchoolVictoria Breaux2ndAgriscience I
4Lacassine High SchoolAudrey Hardy1stAgriscience I
5Singer High SchoolAdley Hardwick1stAgriscience I
5Pitkin High SchoolMykhael McCallon2ndAgriscience I
5Evans High SchoolBrannon Tibbets4thAgriscience I
5Johnson Bayou High SchoolLuke Rebert5thAgriscience I
5Hornbeck High SchoolPayton Evans3rdAgriscience I

Agriscience II 2022

DIVSchool NameStudent NamePlaceOverallSubject
1Sulphur High SchoolChristian Castille1stAgriscience II
1Sam Houston High SchoolAbbie Oliver2ndAgriscience II
2Iowa High SchoolJoe Natali1stAgriscience II
3Westlake High SchoolCole Bazinet2ndAgriscience II
3Rosepine High SchoolLogan Cheever1stXAgriscience II
3East Beauregard High SchoolJacob Carlson3rdAgriscience II
4Hathaway High SchoolAidan Monceaux2ndAgriscience II
4Lacassine High SchoolCaroline Webb1stAgriscience II
5South Cameron High SchoolMason LaPoint2ndAgriscience II
5Johnson Bayou High SchoolLane Degeneres (Tim)3rdAgriscience II
5Hornbeck High SchoolAdam Rhodes1stAgriscience II

Agriscience III 2022

DIVSchool NameStudent NamePlaceOverallSubject
1Sulphur High SchoolNick Vitello2ndAgriscience III
1Sam Houston High SchoolAlex Gotte1stXAgriscience III
2Iowa High SchoolChaz Castille1stAgriscience III
3Westlake High SchoolLakota Segura3rdAgriscience III
3Bell City High SchoolDrew Guidry(Ivan)2ndAgriscience III
3East Beauregard High SchoolCollyn King1stAgriscience III
4Hathaway High SchoolJustin Duhon2ndAgriscience III
4Lacassine High SchoolZackery Hardy1stAgriscience III
5Johnson Bayou High SchoolAnthony Tyrahan 2ndAgriscience III
5Hornbeck High SchoolDaylyn Shelly1stAgriscience III

Algebra I 2022

DIVSchool NameStudent NamePlaceOverallSubject
1Barbe High SchoolGavin Easin1stAlgebra I
1Sulphur High SchoolAngelina (Jaydence) Tower2ndAlgebra I
1Sam Houston High SchoolJoseph JaroyDellosa3rdAlgebra I
2St. Louis Catholic High School Madeline Edwards 1stAlgebra I
2Iowa High SchoolMathieu Lebleu2ndAlgebra I
3Grand Lake High SchoolKayleigh Hayden1stAlgebra I
3Westlake High SchoolDolores Ireland5thAlgebra I
3Rosepine High SchoolGrace Lovitt3rdAlgebra I
3Welsh High School Julieonna Robin2ndAlgebra I
3Bell City High SchoolEvan Williams6thAlgebra I
3East Beauregard High SchoolDevyn Rutherford4thAlgebra I
4Hathaway High SchoolAndrew Nguyen1stXAlgebra I
4Lacassine High SchoolMason Dugas2ndAlgebra I
4Anacoco High SchoolNoah Evans3rdAlgebra I
4Pickering High SchoolGangin (Alex) Lee4thAlgebra I
5Simpson High SchoolJayden Getz7thAlgebra I
5Evans High SchoolDaisy Jeane3rdAlgebra I
5South Cameron High SchoolChad LaPoint1stAlgebra I
5Johnson Bayou High SchoolLydia Trahan 4thAlgebra I
5Bishop Noland Episcopal Day SchoolJacob Gremillion2ndAlgebra I
5Reeves High School Caleb Soileau 8thAlgebra I
5Hamilton Christian AcademyTaylor Sonnier11thAlgebra I
5Starks High SchoolPatience Linscomb 6thAlgebra I
5Pitkin High SchoolAnnabelle Rhame10thAlgebra I
5Hicks High SchoolRobert Eli Lee5thAlgebra I
5Hornbeck High SchoolJaida Davis9thAlgebra I

Algebra II

DIVSchool NameStudent NamePlaceOverallSubject
1Barbe High SchoolAlivia Huffman2ndAlgebra II
1Sulphur High SchoolSarah Justilien1stAlgebra II
1Sam Houston High SchoolAnna Claire Norris3rdAlgebra II
2St. Louis Catholic High School Benjamin Reinauer2ndAlgebra II
2Iowa High SchoolAiden Granger1stAlgebra II
2Washington Marion High SchoolKaden Young3rdAlgebra II
3Grand Lake High SchoolBrent Hardesty4thAlgebra II
3Rosepine High SchoolJoseph Rodriguez2ndAlgebra II
3Welsh High School Allyson Treme5thAlgebra II
3Bell City High SchoolJeri Kate Zaunbrecher1stAlgebra II
4East Beauregard High SchoolLucian Gaspard3rdAlgebra II
4Hathaway High SchoolKaitlyn Thomas3rdAlgebra II
4Lacassine High SchoolSydnie Cooley1stAlgebra II
4Anacoco High SchoolJayla Calloway2ndAlgebra II
5Johnson Bayou High SchoolRemy Coleman 5thAlgebra II
5Bishop Noland Episcopal Day SchoolRoan Horner1stXAlgebra II
5Reeves High School Nora Hicks4thAlgebra II
5Hamilton Christian AcademyMalachi Nolen3rdAlgebra II
5Starks High SchoolEmily Gillis 7thAlgebra II
5Pitkin High SchoolJoel Thompson6thAlgebra II
5Hornbeck High SchoolKayleigh Park2ndAlgebra II

Biology I

DIVSchool NameStudent NamePlaceOverallSubject
1Barbe High SchoolLillian Tran1stBiology I
1Sulphur High SchoolAubrey Pecard2ndBiology I
1Sam Houston High SchoolHailey Trahan3rdBiology I
2St. Louis Catholic High School Aliya Kattash 1stXBiology I
2Iowa High SchoolAshlon Roberts2ndBiology I
3Grand Lake High SchoolSamuel Bellard2ndBiology I
3Vinton High SchoolBrooklyn Laughlin6thBiology I
3Rosepine High SchoolAleigh Cline 1stBiology I
3Welsh High School Olivia Coble 3rdBiology I
3Bell City High SchoolMaxel Howell5thBiology I
3East Beauregard High SchoolAllyssa Fitch4thBiology I
4Hathaway High SchoolMadison Suire3rdBiology I
4Lacassine High SchoolHalli Davis2ndBiology I
4Anacoco High SchoolMadison Guy1stBiology I
5Evans High SchoolChelsea Kay7thBiology I
5South Cameron High SchoolJackson Lester3rdBiology I
5Bishop Noland Episcopal Day SchoolNicholas Castle5thBiology I
5Reeves High School Hayden Fontenot4thBiology I
5Hamilton Christian AcademyDillan Harmon8thBiology I
5Merryville High SchoolJacob Stark6thBiology I
5Starks High SchoolHaley Young 1stBiology I
5Singer High SchoolJoseph Mitchel9thBiology I
5Pitkin High SchoolMichael Howe10thBiology I
5Hornbeck High SchoolCali Wedgeworth2ndBiology I

Biology II

DIVSchool NameStudent NamePlaceOverallSubject
1Barbe High SchoolKennedy Culton2ndBiology II
1Sulphur High SchoolVivian Huertevant1stBiology II
2St. Louis Catholic High School Ranee Patel 1stBiology II
2Iowa High SchoolMackenzie Adams2ndBiology II
2Washington Marion High SchoolMadyson Williams3rdBiology II
3Grand Lake High SchoolAndrew Guidry3rdBiology II
3Rosepine High SchoolDylan Keel2ndBiology II
3Welsh High School Jordan Batiste5thBiology II
3Bell City High SchoolGracie Arceneaux4thBiology II
3East Beauregard High SchoolNatalie Burnaman1stBiology II
4Hathaway High SchoolBrooklyn Timpa1stXBiology II
4Lacassine High SchoolElayna Gardiner2ndBiology II
5South Cameron High SchoolBrinlee Vincent4thBiology II
5Hamilton Christian AcademyJosephine St. Dizier3rdBiology II
5Starks High SchoolAlex Bonin 1stBiology II
5Pitkin High SchoolAaron Powell2ndBiology II

Business Computer Applications

DIVSchool NameStudent NamePlaceOverallSubject
1Barbe High SchoolDillan Patel1stXBusiness Computer Applications
3Rosepine High SchoolBryleigh Jeane2ndBusiness Computer Applications
3Bell City High SchoolTajia Brady1stBusiness Computer Applications
4Lacassine High SchoolGabriel Guidry1stBusiness Computer Applications
4Pickering High SchoolLogan Buum2ndBusiness Computer Applications
5South Cameron High SchoolKiley Sibille2ndBusiness Computer Applications
5Reeves High School Kaidence Haines 4thBusiness Computer Applications
5Pitkin High SchoolLana Doyal3rdBusiness Computer Applications
5Hornbeck High SchoolVictoria Fluitt1stBusiness Computer Applications

Calculus I

DIVSchool NameStudent NamePlaceOverallSubject
1Barbe High SchoolHayden Young1stXCalculus I
1Sulphur High SchoolMadelyn Shelton2ndCalculus I
2St. Louis Catholic High School Anna Guidry 1stCalculus I
3Westlake High SchoolZachary Chastain 1stCalculus I

Calculus II

DIVSchool NameStudent NamePlaceOverallSubject
1Barbe High SchoolAdam Cagnolatti1stXCalculus II
1Sulphur High SchoolBryce Bounds2ndCalculus II


DIVSchool NameStudent NamePlaceOverallSubject
1Barbe High SchoolJulia Jiang1stXChemistry
1Sulphur High SchoolJack Fontenot3rdChemistry
1Sam Houston High SchoolNicholas Willy2ndChemistry
2St. Louis Catholic High School Kate Austin 1stChemistry
2Iowa High SchoolShyla Bailey2ndChemistry
2Washington Marion High SchoolDaylin Brown3rdChemistry
3Grand Lake High SchoolKyle Ellender5thChemistry
3Westlake High SchoolConnick DeVillier1stChemistry
3Vinton High SchoolDemond Coleman4thChemistry
3Rosepine High SchoolEmma Williamson2ndChemistry
3Welsh High School Chaz Hogan7thChemistry
3Bell City High SchoolVictoria Reed6thChemistry
3East Beauregard High SchoolSamuel Ryan3rdChemistry
4Hathaway High SchoolCaroline Cormier1stChemistry
4Lacassine High SchoolMakayla Savant2ndChemistry
4Anacoco High SchoolEthan MacDonald3rdChemistry
5Simpson High SchoolEmily Lee4thChemistry
5Evans High SchoolDamion Riggs2ndChemistry
5South Cameron High SchoolAlexisann Shiner10thChemistry
5Bishop Noland Episcopal Day SchoolWilliam Garner1stChemistry
5Reeves High School Logan Cappel 5thChemistry
5Hamilton Christian AcademyAudrey Gibbs3rdChemistry
5Starks High SchoolKennedie Harrison 8thChemistry
5Pitkin High SchoolShae Wetzel6thChemistry
5Hicks High SchoolJoshua Allen7thChemistry
5Hornbeck High SchoolBryan Remedies9thChemistry


DIVSchool NameStudent NamePlaceOverallSubject
1Barbe High SchoolMatthew Fontenot2ndCivics
1Sulphur High SchoolEmma Menard1stCivics
2St. Louis Catholic High School Mary Claire Obluda 1stXCivics
3Grand Lake High SchoolRegan Ware2ndCivics
3Rosepine High SchoolKaleigh Cole4thCivics
3Welsh High School Ellie Mcmillin3rdCivics
3Bell City High SchoolDeanna Authement1stCivics
3East Beauregard High SchoolLila Lewis5thCivics
4Hathaway High SchoolChase Durio1stCivics
4Lacassine High SchoolOwen Corbello2ndCivics
5Reeves High School Mackenzie Phillips 5thCivics
5Hamilton Christian AcademyDiya Patel6thCivics
5Merryville High SchoolIsiah Saughter1stCivics
5Starks High SchoolTayla Holloway 2ndCivics
5Hicks High SchoolSaige Hagan4thCivics
5Hornbeck High SchoolParker Alexander3rdCivics

Computer Science

DIVSchool NameStudent NamePlaceOverallSubject
1Barbe High SchoolPrudhvi Boggavarapu1stXComputer Science I
2St. Louis Catholic High School Grant Habetz 1stComputer Science I


DIVSchool NameStudent NamePlaceOverallSubject
5Hornbeck High SchoolHarley Harrell1stXEconomics

English I

DIVSchool NameStudent NamePlaceOverallSubject
1Barbe High SchoolBreonna Gallien2ndEnglish I
1Sulphur High SchoolAubrie Flanagan3rdEnglish I
1Sam Houston High SchoolKhloe Mallett1stXEnglish I
2St. Louis Catholic High School Connor Lyons 1stEnglish I
2Iowa High SchoolJude Guillory2ndEnglish I
3DeQuincy High SchoolEthan Barks3rdEnglish I
3Grand Lake High SchoolRylan Young2ndEnglish I
3Westlake High SchoolJamira Guillory5thEnglish I
3Rosepine High SchoolMadelin Bourget1stEnglish I
3Bell City High SchoolAvery Kate Leonard6thEnglish I
3East Beauregard High SchoolEmma Beall4thEnglish I
4Hathaway High SchoolGracee LaVergne2ndEnglish I
4Lacassine High SchoolAllyson Savant4thEnglish I
4Anacoco High SchoolTucker Boyett1stEnglish I
4Pickering High SchoolNichole Matte3rdEnglish I
5Simpson High SchoolKimberly Lee4thEnglish I
5South Cameron High SchoolLibby Baccigalopi7thEnglish I
5Bishop Noland Episcopal Day SchoolSaif Nour6thEnglish I
5Reeves High School Liberty Eaves 8thEnglish I
5Hamilton Christian AcademyKaleb Bigwood9thEnglish I
5Merryville High SchoolLucas Tucker5thEnglish I
5Starks High SchoolSarah Barrow 3rdEnglish I
5Singer High SchoolKennidie Wing11thEnglish I
5Pitkin High SchoolAmelia Lewis1stEnglish I
5Hicks High SchoolHailey Wolff2ndEnglish I
5Hornbeck High SchoolKeira Boswell10thEnglish I

English II

DIVSchool NameStudent NamePlaceOverallSubject
1Barbe High SchoolLisa Doan1stXEnglish II
1Sulphur High SchoolNatalie Crittenden2ndEnglish II
2St. Louis Catholic High School Lauren Ledet 1stEnglish II
2Iowa High SchoolAubrey Fontenot2ndEnglish II
3Grand Lake High SchoolTate Wainwright3rdEnglish II
3Westlake High SchoolSavannah Mohammad6thEnglish II
3Vinton High SchoolIsabella Burke4thEnglish II
3Rosepine High SchoolElla Rhoten2ndEnglish II
3Bell City High SchoolCara Wright5thEnglish II
3East Beauregard High SchoolKaelynn Kinchen1stEnglish II
4Hathaway High SchoolEmma Broussard3rdEnglish II
4Lacassine High SchoolLibby Guidry4thEnglish II
4Anacoco High SchoolMcKenzie Guy1stEnglish II
4Pickering High SchoolAnneallyse Anderson2ndEnglish II
5Evans High SchoolEmily Ritter8thEnglish II
5South Cameron High SchoolReagan Veronie10thEnglish II
5Bishop Noland Episcopal Day SchoolCharles Keuhn3rdEnglish II
5Reeves High School Keri Kemp9thEnglish II
5Hamilton Christian AcademyDylon Menard1stEnglish II
5Merryville High SchoolBella Alvarez5thEnglish II
5Starks High SchoolCallie Ashworth 6thEnglish II
5Singer High SchoolKane Mitchel (Joshua)2ndEnglish II
5Pitkin High SchoolToby Thompson11thEnglish II
5Hicks High SchoolEmma Merchant7thEnglish II
5Hornbeck High SchoolHailey O’Banion4thEnglish II

English III

DIVSchool NameStudent NamePlaceOverallSubject
1Barbe High SchoolJacob St. Mary2ndEnglish III
1Sulphur High SchoolLauren Slaven3rdEnglish III
1Sam Houston High SchoolAnnaliese Defelice1stEnglish III
2St. Louis Catholic High School Emma Bright 2ndEnglish III
2Iowa High SchoolKaylee Guidry1stEnglish III
3DeQuincy High SchoolRanda Hall7thEnglish III
3Grand Lake High SchoolBrayley Nunez5thEnglish III
3Westlake High SchoolElizabeth Vicknair2ndEnglish III
3Vinton High SchoolRa’Miyah Budwine4thEnglish III
3Rosepine High SchoolIsabella Dimaggio1stXEnglish III
3Welsh High School Caleb Roy3rdEnglish III
3East Beauregard High SchoolOlivia DeMaskey6thEnglish III
4Hathaway High SchoolHaleigh Fruge 1stEnglish III
4Lacassine High SchoolAva Melville3rdEnglish III
4Anacoco High SchoolLanden Jett2ndEnglish III
4Pickering High SchoolJordyn Roberts4thEnglish III
5Simpson High SchoolCecelia James10thEnglish III
5Evans High SchoolBen Hamm1stEnglish III
5South Cameron High SchoolGabby Marceaux6thEnglish III
5Johnson Bayou High SchoolMakala Snyder 8thEnglish III
5Hamilton Christian AcademyMadison Fountain7thEnglish III
5Merryville High SchoolJesica Alford9thEnglish III
5Starks High SchoolCaden Gathreaux 5thEnglish III
5Singer High SchoolMonica Burnet4thEnglish III
5Pitkin High SchoolCara Willis6thEnglish III
5Hicks High SchoolRebecca Smith2ndEnglish III
5Hornbeck High SchoolTristen Welch3rdEnglish III

English IV

DIVSchool NameStudent NamePlaceOverallSubject
1Barbe High SchoolIsabella Soileau 3rdEnglish IV
1Sulphur High SchoolElla Daigle1stXEnglish IV
1Sam Houston High SchoolJael Ruiz2ndEnglish IV
2St. Louis Catholic High School Isabella Nichols 1stEnglish IV
2Iowa High SchoolJamela Brown2ndEnglish IV
3Grand Lake High SchoolNoah Guidry3rdEnglish IV
3Westlake High SchoolKristen Darbonne2ndEnglish IV
3Vinton High SchoolMadelyn Palombo6thEnglish IV
3Rosepine High SchoolAlicia Kitchens5thEnglish IV
3Bell City High SchoolNaomi Schwartz4thEnglish IV
3East Beauregard High SchoolKane Atkinson1stEnglish IV
4Lacassine High SchoolKristen Richard2ndEnglish IV
4Anacoco High SchoolBrianna LeBlanc1stEnglish IV
5Simpson High SchoolKaitlyn Keough2ndEnglish IV
5South Cameron High SchoolAudreanna Richard5thEnglish IV
5Hamilton Christian AcademySophie Gibbs1stEnglish IV
5Starks High SchoolCarli Verdine 3rdEnglish IV
5Hornbeck High SchoolMarissa Blanton4thEnglish IV

Environmental Science

DIVSchool NameStudent NamePlaceOverallSubject
1Barbe High SchoolAnna Kate Fredricks 1stEnvironmental Science
1Sulphur High SchoolCole Walker2ndEnvironmental Science
2St. Louis Catholic High School Coleman Zeringue 1stEnvironmental Science
3Grand Lake High SchoolEmma Primeaux3rdEnvironmental Science
3Rosepine High SchoolConner McKenna1stEnvironmental Science
3Bell City High SchoolEmma Guidry2ndEnvironmental Science
4Lacassine High SchoolAllison Ardoin2ndEnvironmental Science
4Anacoco High SchoolAiden Blackmon 1stXEnvironmental Science
5Simpson High SchoolAlan Hewitt3rdEnvironmental Science
5Starks High SchoolDreygan Sedlock 2ndEnvironmental Science
5Hornbeck High SchoolLane Lowe1stEnvironmental Science

Family & Consumer Science

DIVSchool NameStudent NamePlaceOverallSubject
1Sulphur High SchoolAudrey Fuqua2ndFamily & Consumer Science
1Sam Houston High SchoolAnnaleise Palermo1stFamily & Consumer Science
2St. Louis Catholic High School Laura Naquin2ndFamily & Consumer Science
2Iowa High SchoolReagan Kramer1stFamily & Consumer Science
3Grand Lake High SchoolRylee Faulk4thFamily & Consumer Science
3Welsh High School Malaya Mallett3rdFamily & Consumer Science
3Bell City High SchoolKelsey LeBlanc2ndFamily & Consumer Science
3East Beauregard High SchoolKate Eggers1stXFamily & Consumer Science
4Hathaway High SchoolIsabella Bourque1stFamily & Consumer Science
5South Cameron High SchoolBriana Shiner2ndFamily & Consumer Science
5Starks High SchoolMcKinna Hutson 3rdFamily & Consumer Science
5Hornbeck High SchoolMakayla Cole1stFamily & Consumer Science

Financial Literacy

DIVSchool NameStudent NamePlaceOverallSubject
1Sulphur High SchoolKelsie Kershaw1stFinancial Literacy
2St. Louis Catholic High School Dymond Gallien 1stFinancial Literacy
3Rosepine High SchoolTyler Wilson 1stFinancial Literacy
5Simpson High SchoolBrooklyn Jeane2ndFinancial Literacy
5Starks High SchoolAlyson Goodwin 4thFinancial Literacy
5Pitkin High SchoolAutumn Kennedy5thFinancial Literacy
5Hicks High SchoolJaryt Welch3rdFinancial Literacy
5Hornbeck High SchoolDevin Miller1stXFinancial Literacy

Fine Arts Survey

DIVSchool NameStudent NamePlaceOverallSubject
1Sulphur High SchoolCarson Ledger1stFine Arts Survey
2St. Louis Catholic High School Andrew DesOrmeaux 1stFine Arts Survey
3Grand Lake High SchoolMia Daigle5thFine Arts Survey
3Rosepine High SchoolHannah Kennedy 2ndFine Arts Survey
3Welsh High School Molly McNabb3rdFine Arts Survey
3Bell City High SchoolLandon Faulk4thFine Arts Survey
3East Beauregard High SchoolMaria Barbre1stFine Arts Survey
4Anacoco High SchoolDylan Carver1stXFine Arts Survey
5Johnson Bayou High SchoolMaKenzie Trahan 3rdFine Arts Survey
5Hamilton Christian AcademyAbigail Williams2ndFine Arts Survey
5Hornbeck High SchoolMemarie Cuske1stFine Arts Survey

French I

DIVSchool NameStudent NamePlaceOverallSubject
1Barbe High SchoolKarlissa Brooks1stXFrench I
2St. Louis Catholic High School Lauren Pitt1stFrench I
3Welsh High School Kambrie Vanicor 1stFrench I
4Hathaway High SchoolDani Thibodeaux2ndFrench I
4Lacassine High SchoolMandee Matt 1stFrench I

French II

DIVSchool NameStudent NamePlaceOverallSubject
1Barbe High SchoolJailynn Evans2ndFrench II
1Sulphur High SchoolKarley Benoit1stFrench II
2St. Louis Catholic High School Luke Trahan 1stFrench II
3Welsh High School Keyla Vazquez1stFrench II
4Lacassine High SchoolMcKenna Ozolins 1stXFrench II

French III

DIVSchool NameStudent NamePlaceOverallSubject
1Barbe High SchoolKassidy Griswold1stXFrench III
1Sam Houston High SchoolJohn Shanks2ndFrench III
2St. Louis Catholic High School Olivia DeRouen 1stFrench III


DIVSchool NameStudent NamePlaceOverallSubject
1Barbe High SchoolMicah Rickert1stXGeometry
1Sulphur High SchoolKendall Judge2ndGeometry
2St. Louis Catholic High School Alyson Gagliano 1stGeometry
3DeQuincy High SchoolJeri Vige2ndGeometry
3Grand Lake High SchoolJacqueline Leija7thGeometry
3Westlake High SchoolKenadi Reeves5thGeometry
3Rosepine High SchoolAva Manuel6thGeometry
3Welsh High School Gilayia Begnaud4thGeometry
3Bell City High SchoolHannah Thompson3rdGeometry
3East Beauregard High SchoolCamryn Reeves1stGeometry
4Hathaway High SchoolLandon Seilhan4thGeometry
4Lacassine High SchoolAllie Himel3rdGeometry
4Anacoco High SchoolPayton LeMieux1stGeometry
4Pickering High SchoolGangsan (Brian) Lee2ndGeometry
5Simpson High SchoolWyatt Shaver6thGeometry
5Evans High SchoolLibby Craft5thGeometry
5South Cameron High SchoolEmily Hooper10thGeometry
5Bishop Noland Episcopal Day SchoolMalakai Turner1stGeometry
5Reeves High School Marci Bruce 3rdGeometry
5Hamilton Christian AcademyGary Evans7thGeometry
5Starks High SchoolKatelyn Johnson 4thGeometry
5Singer High SchoolAbbagayle Daniels8thGeometry
5Pitkin High SchoolJayley Moore9thGeometry
5Hornbeck High SchoolCheyanne Lopez2ndGeometry


DIVSchool NameStudent NamePlaceOverallSubject
1Barbe High SchoolOlivia Fraser1stXGovernment
1Sulphur High SchoolAvery Simon2ndGovernment
5Pitkin High SchoolConnor Doyal2ndGovernment
5Hornbeck High SchoolCalyn Dowden1stGovernment


DIVSchool NameStudent NamePlaceOverallSubject
1Barbe High SchoolSydney Fassler2ndHealth
1Sulphur High SchoolSarah Castille1stHealth
2St. Louis Catholic High School Caleb Barker 1stHealth
2Iowa High SchoolChloe Kramer3rdHealth
2Washington Marion High SchoolKalei Lilly2ndHealth
3Rosepine High SchoolWilliam Moore1stHealth
4Pickering High SchoolKara Kersey1stHealth
5Simpson High SchoolMadelynn Weatherford4thHealth
5South Cameron High SchoolEmma Hebert1stXHealth
5Johnson Bayou High SchoolLorna Coleman 5thHealth
5Hamilton Christian AcademyJillian Garriet2ndHealth
5Starks High SchoolPaisley Johnson 6thHealth
5Hornbeck High SchoolCarter Ward3rdHealth

Introduction to Business Computer Applications

DIVSchool NameStudent NamePlaceOverallSubject
1Barbe High SchoolKallie Lognion1stIntroduction to Business Computer Applications
2St. Louis Catholic High School Edie Stickell 1stXIntroduction to Business Computer Applications
2Iowa High SchoolMia Carter2ndIntroduction to Business Computer Applications
3Rosepine High SchoolTrever Westlake2ndIntroduction to Business Computer Applications
3Welsh High School Christopher Derouen3rdIntroduction to Business Computer Applications
3Bell City High SchoolNoah Granger4thIntroduction to Business Computer Applications
3East Beauregard High SchoolDilia Morvant1stIntroduction to Business Computer Applications
4Hathaway High SchoolBrayden Gaskin1stIntroduction to Business Computer Applications
5Simpson High SchoolBrandy Blackmon2ndIntroduction to Business Computer Applications
5South Cameron High SchoolJuan Toncel4thIntroduction to Business Computer Applications
5Johnson Bayou High SchoolNate Trahan 6thIntroduction to Business Computer Applications
5Reeves High School Jewel Fontenot3rdIntroduction to Business Computer Applications
5Hicks High SchoolKylie Wolff(Lexi)1stIntroduction to Business Computer Applications
5Hornbeck High SchoolAllisa Manasco5thIntroduction to Business Computer Applications

Journalism I

DIVSchool NameStudent NamePlaceOverallSubject
1Sulphur High SchoolGavin Dugas1stXJournalism I
2St. Louis Catholic High School Kristen Goodly1stJournalism I
3Grand Lake High SchoolKaden Jackson1stJournalism I
5Hornbeck High SchoolJayda James1stJournalism I

Nutrition and Food

DIVSchool NameStudent NamePlaceOverallSubject
1Sulphur High SchoolAidan Picard1stXNutrition and Food
1Sam Houston High SchoolMacaela Savage2ndNutrition and Food
3Grand Lake High SchoolNelly Gonzalez1stNutrition and Food
3Welsh High School Harley Miller3rdNutrition and Food
3Bell City High SchoolAbbygail Hebert4thNutrition and Food
3East Beauregard High SchoolKalei Hicks2ndNutrition and Food
4Hathaway High SchoolRyleigh LeCompte1stNutrition and Food
4Lacassine High SchoolLainee Landry2ndNutrition and Food
5South Cameron High SchoolKinsley Sibille3rdNutrition and Food
5Starks High SchoolMyKiya Nash1stNutrition and Food
5Hicks High SchoolAllison Jeter4thNutrition and Food
5Hornbeck High SchoolShelby Sullivan2ndNutrition and Food

Physical Science

DIVSchool NameStudent NamePlaceOverallSubject
1Barbe High SchoolPeyton Walker1stXPhysical Science
1Sulphur High SchoolAbby Leonard2ndPhysical Science
2St. Louis Catholic High School Matthew Goodly 1stPhysical Science
3Grand Lake High SchoolAddison McMillian2ndPhysical Science
3Rosepine High SchoolEllie Miller3rdPhysical Science
3Welsh High School Shane SloverPrudhomme1stPhysical Science
4Hathaway High SchoolHudson Carter1stPhysical Science
5Evans High SchoolSamantha Parks4thPhysical Science
5Reeves High School Destiny Willis 5thPhysical Science
5Hamilton Christian AcademyDevwin Rankins2ndPhysical Science
5Merryville High SchoolHannah Harington1stPhysical Science
5Pitkin High SchoolSarah Phillips3rdPhysical Science


DIVSchool NameStudent NamePlaceOverallSubject
1Barbe High SchoolAbigail Nolan2ndPhysics
1Sulphur High SchoolZachary Rizzuto1stXPhysics
2St. Louis Catholic High School Callen Hale 1stPhysics
3East Beauregard High SchoolJillian Annerino1stPhysics

Principles of Business

DIVSchool NameStudent NamePlaceOverallSubject
1Barbe High SchoolJacob Murphy 2ndPrinciples of Business
1Sulphur High SchoolEthan Spikes1stXPrinciples of Business
2St. Louis Catholic High School Collin Achee1stPrinciples of Business
3Welsh High School Jewel Cormier1stPrinciples of Business
4Lacassine High SchoolAthena Romero1stPrinciples of Business
5Pitkin High SchoolKylie Woods1stPrinciples of Business
5Hornbeck High SchoolDevyn Sharp2ndPrinciples of Business


DIVSchool NameStudent NamePlaceOverallSubject
1Barbe High SchoolAnna Tran3rdPsychology
1Sulphur High SchoolHalie Beeler1stXPsychology
1Sam Houston High SchoolKayleigh Richards2ndPsychology
2St. Louis Catholic High School Katherine Ray 1stPsychology
3Rosepine High SchoolSophia Jeffers1stPsychology
5Hamilton Christian AcademyJoshua Joubert1stPsychology
5Pitkin High SchoolDaisy Rhame3rdPsychology
5Hornbeck High SchoolLogan Lawrence2ndPsychology


DIVSchool NameStudent NamePlaceOverallSubject
1Barbe High SchoolTulona Hossain2ndSociology
1Sulphur High SchoolElla Stanley1stXSociology
3Rosepine High SchoolJenna Best 1stSociology
5Hornbeck High SchoolVictoria Burnley1stSociology

Spanish I

DIVSchool NameStudent NamePlaceOverallSubject
1Barbe High SchoolNia Brown3rdSpanish I
1Sulphur High SchoolJace Pence2ndSpanish I
1Sam Houston High SchoolReeese Papillion1stSpanish I
2St. Louis Catholic High School Sydney Guinn1stSpanish I
3DeQuincy High SchoolSeth Mitchell7thSpanish I
3Grand Lake High SchoolAnneveah Duhon5thSpanish I
3Westlake High SchoolCelest Gardner2ndSpanish I
3Vinton High SchoolAbigail Hantz3rdSpanish I
3Rosepine High SchoolHannah Henkel4thSpanish I
3Bell City High SchoolKayla Roy1stXSpanish I
3East Beauregard High SchoolBraden Bennett6thSpanish I
4Pickering High SchoolIyana Lee1stSpanish I
5Evans High SchoolBrooklyn Jeter5thSpanish I
5South Cameron High SchoolAlexis Wallace4thSpanish I
5Johnson Bayou High SchoolIsabella Trahan 3rdSpanish I
5Bishop Noland Episcopal Day SchoolElla Grace Young2ndSpanish I
5Reeves High School Abbie Soileau 8thSpanish I
5Hamilton Christian AcademySara Hufstedler1stSpanish I
5Merryville High SchoolEva Perry6thSpanish I
5Singer High SchoolAudra Pickering9thSpanish I
5Pitkin High SchoolBaylee Willis7thSpanish I

Spanish II

DIVSchool NameStudent NamePlaceOverallSubject
1Barbe High SchoolParker Leveque3rdSpanish II
1Sulphur High SchoolPatience Hebert2ndSpanish II
1Sam Houston High SchoolLyndsey Young1stXSpanish II
2St. Louis Catholic High School Abigail Williams 1stSpanish II
2Washington Marion High SchoolTaylar Brown2ndSpanish II
3DeQuincy High SchoolAlli Richard2ndSpanish II
3Grand Lake High SchoolCe’Nedra Schiele1stSpanish II
3Vinton High SchoolZander Paladino4thSpanish II
3Bell City High SchoolElyana Woods3rdSpanish II
3East Beauregard High SchoolCalista Pichardo5thSpanish II
4Anacoco High SchoolMaddison Linton2ndSpanish II
5Simpson High SchoolPiper Shirley3rdSpanish II
5Evans High SchoolMeleah Johnson1stSpanish II
5South Cameron High SchoolMaliyah Skipper9thSpanish II
5Bishop Noland Episcopal Day SchoolLayla Kattash2ndSpanish II
5Reeves High School Saad Salaheen 6thSpanish II
5Hamilton Christian AcademyJaidyn McBride5thSpanish II
5Merryville High SchoolLexi Paul8thSpanish II
5Starks High SchoolKeilie Levoy 4thSpanish II
5Pitkin High SchoolAbby Robinson7thSpanish II

Spanish III

DIVSchool NameStudent NamePlaceOverallSubject
2St. Louis Catholic High School Chaise Sutherland 1stSpanish III
3Rosepine High SchoolJacob James1stSpanish III
5Hamilton Christian AcademyAjalynn Crum2ndSpanish III
5Pitkin High SchoolDaniel Sauer1stXSpanish III

Spanish IV

DIVSchool NameStudent NamePlaceOverallSubject
1Sulphur High SchoolCaden McCardle1stSpanish IV
2St. Louis Catholic High School Ella Scroggs 1stXSpanish IV

U.S. History

DIVSchool NameStudent NamePlaceOverallSubject
1Barbe High SchoolHope Norris1stU.S. History
1Sulphur High SchoolBrianna Simon2ndU.S. History
2St. Louis Catholic High School Cody Lyons 1stXU.S. History
2Iowa High SchoolJolie McWard3rdU.S. History
2Washington Marion High SchoolChristopher Berard2ndU.S. History
3DeQuincy High SchoolJustin Wellman4thU.S. History
3Grand Lake High SchoolGavin Walker6thU.S. History
3Vinton High SchoolJayden Legros3rdU.S. History
3Rosepine High SchoolChanning Vezina7thU.S. History
3Welsh High School Jack Trahan1stU.S. History
3Bell City High SchoolClaire Montgomery5thU.S. History
3East Beauregard High SchoolBlake Lewing2ndU.S. History
4Hathaway High SchoolAddison Breaux3rdU.S. History
4Lacassine High SchoolDakota Pickles2ndU.S. History
4Anacoco High SchoolLydia Brown1stU.S. History
5Simpson High SchoolDaniel Carruth2ndU.S. History
5South Cameron High SchoolShelby Goings7thU.S. History
5Johnson Bayou High SchoolAndrew Monceaux IV 8thU.S. History
5Reeves High School Erika Rannekleiv6thU.S. History
5Hamilton Christian AcademyJourni Singleton5thU.S. History
5Starks High SchoolGunnar Ashworth 1stU.S. History
5Pitkin High SchoolIsaac Reed4thU.S. History
5Hicks High SchoolAbigail Williams3rdU.S. History

World Geography

DIVSchool NameStudent NamePlaceOverallSubject
1Barbe High SchoolClara Karpovs3rdWorld Geography
1Sulphur High SchoolBeckam Levens2ndWorld Geography
1Sam Houston High SchoolAaron Coker1stXWorld Geography
2St. Louis Catholic High School Adele Foret 3rdWorld Geography
2Iowa High SchoolLaikyn Lapoint1stWorld Geography
2Washington Marion High SchoolMackenzie Collins2ndWorld Geography
3Grand Lake High SchoolCole Johnson5thWorld Geography
3Rosepine High SchoolKameron Williams2ndWorld Geography
3Welsh High School Cloven Lege3rdWorld Geography
3Bell City High SchoolBraxton Smith1stWorld Geography
3East Beauregard High SchoolAndrew Burnaman4thWorld Geography
4Anacoco High SchoolKaleb Godwin1stWorld Geography
5South Cameron High SchoolBrystin Whittington3rdWorld Geography
5Singer High SchoolRylan Hardwick2ndWorld Geography
5Hornbeck High SchoolKirstin Boswell1stWorld Geography

World History

DIVSchool NameStudent NamePlaceOverallSubject
1Barbe High SchoolLukas Jakubek2ndWorld History
1Sulphur High SchoolJohn Leger1stXWorld History
2St. Louis Catholic High School Milo Perzo 1stWorld History
3Grand Lake High SchoolJohn Davidson2ndWorld History
3Rosepine High SchoolLucas Hall 1stWorld History
3East Beauregard High SchoolRaegann Smith3rdWorld History
4Lacassine High SchoolEthan Theunissen1stWorld History
4Anacoco High SchoolLilly Shira2ndWorld History
4Pickering High SchoolZacariah Rhoads3rdWorld History
5Simpson High SchoolEthan Weatherford4thWorld History
5South Cameron High SchoolJancy LaLande7thWorld History
5Johnson Bayou High SchoolLandon Cupit 2ndWorld History
5Hamilton Christian AcademyMason Russell5thWorld History
5Starks High SchoolIsabelle Deville 1stWorld History
5Hicks High SchoolKacie Helton6thWorld History
5Hornbeck High SchoolHannah Dahlhoff3rdWorld History

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