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Internships Make Students First Choice

March 25, 2020 | McNeese Public Relations
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Internships are one of the reasons McNeese State University students are the First Choice for employers seeking qualified candidates. The hands-on experience provides real world proficiency before students enter a professional field.

The H.C. Drew School of Health and Human Performance offers concentrations in pre-chiropractic medicine, pre-occupational therapy,
pre-physical therapy, sports and wellness management, and sports medicine.

This semester several health and human performance majors worked side-by-side with local sports rehabilitation clinics.

Payton Moreaux worked under the direction of Savannah Landry, an occupational therapist for Partners in Physical Therapy.

“It’s an incredible experience to apply the knowledge I’ve learned in class to providing care for patients,” says Moreaux. “I’ve been a part of creating treatment plans for clients and working under Landry has only helped reinforce the knowledge I already have.”

Brandi Broussard also completed an internship in occupational therapy at West Calcasieu Cameron Hospital.

“Stephanie Darbonne has been an excellent teacher and is a great example for how to interact with patients,” Broussard says. “This experience has already helped me learn how different types of injuries require diverse treatment options and how to help patients understand how exercises and therapy sessions will help them heal.”

Taylor Williams completed a physical therapy internship with Lake Charles Memorial Hospital Outpatient Physical Therapy and High Hope Care Center’s Inpatient Physical Therapy.

“I’ve been able to work with many therapists who are McNeese graduate,” says Williams. “Their willingness to share their professional and graduate school experiences have only solidified that this is the career path I want to pursue. Plus, these new relationships will give me support along the way!”

Ashley Koncir also worked with two physical therapy centers.

“I’ve been able to work with many physical therapists who have included me in evaluations and have helped me understand how to read a patient’s progress,” says Koncir. “This internship has given me a first-hand look at the various exercises and treatments associated with joint injuries and how I can set realistic goals for a patient’s health.”

Other students gained experience with McNeese athletic teams.

Donovan White completed his internship with the McNeese Men’s Basketball team.

“This experience has shown me that being a coach is more than just calling plays,” explains White. “Coaches are role models and have the ability to change the lives of their players. That is something I will certainly carry with me in my coaching career.”

Ali Saldivar, a softball player, completed her internship with the softball team’s athletic trainer.

“One of the things I’ve learned from our trainer is how to properly stretch athletes,” says Saldivar. “This is crucial to reduce the risk of injury and overall helps student-athletes perform their best.”

Juna Suppan is also working with the athletic trainers for the women’s soccer and tennis teams.

“This first-hand look at student-athletic care allows me to apply the knowledge I’ve learned in the classroom.” Suppan says. “I enjoy working with our trainers and appreciate their willingness to share their expertise.”

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