Facilities and Plant Operations

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Our Mission

To maintain and operate a suitable environment in which the pursuits of learning, research, and community outreach can take place.

General Information

Business Hours:
7:30 am – 5:00 pm, Monday – Thursday
7:30 am – 11:30 am, Friday

Contact Us:
4406 Common Street
Lake Charles, LA 70607

Phone: 337-475-5887 / Fax: 337-562-4275

Physical Plant:
Phone: 337-475-5891 / Fax: 337-475-5347

By Campus Mail:
Box 90460, Lake Charles, LA 70609


Warehouse for deliveries of parcels, packages & other palletized equipment or supplies to McNeese State University warehouse receiving, use the following template:

McNeese State University Warehouse
ATTN: (insert name)   OR   REF: (insert PO#)
LAKE CHARLES LA 70607-4508

A Word about zip codes

The zip code used for all buildings on the main campus is 70605.
The only exceptions are the Warehouse and the Facilities Planning & Mgmt. building which use 70607.

Units within Facilities & Plant Operations

Facilities Planning Office

  • Facilities and Plant Operations is a division under the University President. Its primary mission is to handle all aspects of the facilities, infrastructure, and the day-to-day operations that keep the University in working order. The Facilities Office can be reached at (337) 475-5887.
  • Administratively, the Director of Facilities and Plant Operations manages three other department heads: the Director of Physical Plant, the Director of Custodial Services, and the Superintendent of Grounds. In addition, the Facilities Planning Office also prepares the annual Capital Outlay Request; designs, issues, administers, and inspects all Capital Improvement projects; and maintains space utilization data for the occupied facilities.

Physical Plant Office

  • The Physical Plant department’s principle service is maintenance for all facilities. Various crafts are on duty during regular working hours year-round. The maintenance staff is housed in the Facilities Planning and Management Complex is made up of and includes carpenters, painters, plumbers, electricians, air conditioning mechanics, automotive mechanics, a locksmith, a filter crew, and a light bulb crew. , and is housed in the Facilities Planning and Management Complex. The Physical Plant Office can be reached at (337) 475-5891.
  • The Warehouse, where all parcels are received for the University, is also included in the Physical Plant. Deliveries to campus departments are generally made the next morning by warehouse staff unless the warehouse has been instructed to hold the parcel. The Warehouse can be reached at 337-475-5881.

Safety & Hazardous Waste Office

  • The Safety Officer is responsible is an administrative, non-classified position responsible for developing, planning, coordinating, implementing and directing comprehensive programs for general campus safety, environmental health and the transportation, storage, and disposal of hazardous materials. To contact the Safety Officer, call 337-475-5270.


  • The Grounds crew, headed by Wilbert Kelley, is responsible for keeping the general appearance of the campus grounds green, pretty, tidy, and clean. To contact Grounds, call the Facilities Office at 337-475-5887.

Custodial Services

  • HHS (Hospital Housekeeping Systems) was recently contracted to provide custodial service campus wide. HHS is responsible for keeping interior spaces clean, hygienic, and tidy. They provide room setups of tables and chairs for special events. Moreover, they move furniture and other property to various locations including our warehouses.


How do I make a request for maintenance?

Call 475-5891 to report by phone, during regular work hours (preferred)
OR email maintenance@mcneese.edu to report by email

Please don’t use email for a maintenance emergency!

During regular work hours, call Physical Plant at 475-5891
After regular work hours, call University Police 475-5711 (dispatcher will notify appropriate maintenance personnel)

How do I make a key request?

Call 475-5891 to have a key request form sent to you. Fill out and get approval signature(s). Fax completed form to 475-5347.

How do I reserve a vehicle?

Call 475-5891 to check availability, then process a travel request through your department.
Fax completed travel requests to 475-5347.
Vehicles will not be released without a completed travel request, valid driver’s license, and completion of driver’s safety program.

How do I request space for an event?

In the menu system at left, click “Facilities Use” and follow the instructions listed there.
You must have full portal access to enter a request. If you are not a student, faculty or staff member, please contact Candace Townsend at 475-5635.

How do I find out more about Facilities Use?

Please login to portal and search for Facility Reservation System. This is a temporary system that is being used until the new permanent tracking system is implemented fully.