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Our Music Education Program has been at the forefront in preparing successful music educators at every instructional level. A state and regional leader in music education, the department is home to dedicated faculty and degree programs of extraordinary quality. We are dedicated to providing future music educators with the necessary knowledge, skills, and insights for successful teaching and learning.

McNeese opened up my world. It opened up my connections. We actually took tours with the band and we travelled all over the country. That was so impactful for me because it literally opened up the stage called the world and showed me what was possible, and McNeese provided me a stage to find my sound… to discover my sound.

Mickey Smith Jr – Recipient of the 2020 Grammy Music Educator Award

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Dr. Jeff Lemke

Coordinator of Instrumental Education

Dr. Shane Thomas

Director of Choral Activities & Coordinator of Vocal Education

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Dr. Jeff Lemke, Coordinator of Music Education | | 337-475-5005
W.A. and Dorothy Hanna Department of Performing Arts