Information Technology Services

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Information Technology Unit is to enhance the role of information technology on the McNeese State University Campus. Information technology is a broad term used to describe a multitude of uses of computing and communications technology in support of the institution’s mission and activities. This area typically includes computers (mainframe, desktop, and workstations), networking equipment and infrastructure items, telephone, video distribution and transmission equipment, multimedia and similar computer-based audiovisual equipment, electronic or digital printing equipment, and other related hardware. Additionally, the term information technology may be used to include both the software that operates on this equipment and the data retained by these hardware and software mechanisms. When considering data, software, hardware, and their associated instructional research or business process, the term information system is generally used.

The Information Technology Unit focuses around four major areas: Student Computing Laboratories; Network Access and Electronic Services, User Support Services; and Instructional Technology and Curriculum Support. In addition, the Information Technology Office coordinates proposals to and carries out the approved proposals of the Student Technology Assessment Committee. The Information Technology Division consists of the Information Technology Office, the Coordinator of Distance Learning, and the Coordinator of Technological Advancement for Students (TASC) Operations, the Technical Support and Networking Services Coordinator, and University Computing Services