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International Programs

International Programs


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We're excited that you're considering furthering your education at McNeese State University! We have fully accredited graduate and undergraduate programs. For a campus tour, please see our Virtual Tour. For specific information on the programs and degrees that we offer, please visit the catalog.
The deadline for all required documents and exam scores for the fall semester is May 15 and the deadline for the spring semester is October 15. The fall semester begins in August and the spring semester begins in January.

While we continue to process applications after the deadline, applications that are received by the deadline will be given priority and we cannot guarantee that applications received after the deadline will be processed in time for admission. A final admissions decision cannot be made until we have received all required official transcripts, forms, documents, and exam scores. All required forms can be downloaded and printed.

For more information or to submit your application, please e-mail us

* Translated website content can be found in Spanish, Vietnamese, Russian, and Indonesian.