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Whether you're current in the U.S. or browsing from abroad, a first-time university applicant or you already have a bachelor's degree, this is the place to find all the requirements you'll need to fulfill to successfully apply to McNeese State University as an international student. No matter where you come from or what career path you're headed on, we'd love to welcome you into our Cowboy family.

"Don't meet our requirements? You may still may be able to attend! McNeese may admit, by exception, a limited number of students who do not meet minimum admission standards based on an evaluation of a student's likelihood of success, life achievement, and the enhancement of the University's demographically diverse student population. Contact the Office of Admission to find out more."

Depending on what your educational background is, you might have unique application criteria, including different GPA requirements, ACT/SAT score requirements, and more. Check below for more information.

First Time Freshmen

Whether you graduated from high school in the U.S. or abroad, if you have never previously attended a university, you are considered to be a first time freshman. To apply to McNeese, make sure you meet the minimum requirements:
You have graduated from secondary school
Minimum high school overall GPA of 2.35
Readiness for college-level English
Readiness for college-level math
English proficiency

International Transfer

You are considered a transfer student if you have any university/college credit in the U.S. or in another country. Like most other universities, McNeese accepts college-level credit that you have earned elsewhere.

Transfer from a U.S. Institution
International students who have earned 18 or more college-level academic credit hours must meet the following minimum admission standards:
A transferable associate’s degree or higher from a U.S. regionally accredited institution


All  of the following:

Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 on all college-level academic courses
Have completed a college-level English and mathematics course designed to fulfill general education requirements
Eligible to return to the institution from which they are transferring

Transfer students who have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 on all college-level academic courses, but who have earned less than 18 college-level academic hours, must meet the first-time freshman admission requirements.

Transfer from an International Institution
Transfer from a U.S. Language Program

International Graduate

International students seeking a graduate degree or other specialist degrees or certifications at McNeese must demonstrate English language proficiency.

Note: Admission to Graduate School does not imply admission to a specific graduate degree program. Different programs may have different GPA, GRE, GMAT, letter of recommendation, or other prerequisite requirements for acceptance, some of which are listed below. Make sure to check your desired program's page for additional admission criteria. McNeese's code for GRE and GMAT is 6403.

Office of International Programs

App Deadlines

Fall applications - due August 1
Spring applications - due December 1
Summer applications - due May 15