Adult Vaccinations

The CDC recommends the following vaccinations for adults ages 19-26:

Tdap: protects against tetanus-diphtheria, and pertussis (whooping cough). Recommended for adults age 19 and older, especially those in close contact with infants. Also given to expectant mothers during pregnancy.

Meningitis: recommended for college freshman who live in on-campus dwellings. Meningitis is a serious bacterial infection that can affect the covering of the brain and spinal cord.   It can cause death and or permanent disabilities.

HPV: a three-dose vaccine recommended for ages 9-26 to protect against genital warts, and cervical/anal cancers. A vaccine is also available for men.

Seasonal Flu: recommended annually.

Studying abroad, or traveling outside of the country? Vaccines recommended for travel outside of the country

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