Facilities Use Fee Guidelines and Rates

Things you should know about the Facilities Use Fee:

  • In some situations, a Facilities Use Fee is assessed when campus facilities/venues are used for a special event, lease or rental.
  • The main test for determining whether or not the use fee is assessed comes from the State of Louisiana Constitution Article 7, Section 14(A) which prohibits the use of public facilities for private or personal gains without the assessment of a use fee.
  • The use fee simply grants an event organizer the permission to use a campus facility for the duration of a special event, lease or rental.
  • Only the President can waive or reduce a use fee.
  • Fees are not refundable.
  • McNeese State University is not responsible for any loss of revenue sustained by the event organizer in the case of a cancellation by the university.
  • An event coordinator may be charged a use fee retro-actively for last minute changes or upon discovery of a special event which purported to be something completely different from the original request.
  • All fees and charges will be invoiced by MSU Administrative Accounting.
  • Leases and rentals are handled separately.
  • See the Facilities Use Policy for complete information.

Collections and Deposits

(Subject to change)

  • For most venues, use fees collected will be deposited in the University’s general rental account.
  • For some venues, those with a very high level of maintenance activity, use fees collected will be deposited in a specific restricted use account.
  • Any additional charges collected with the use fee will be deposited into the accounts from which disbursements are made:
    • Security charges – deposited in University Police account
    • Custodial charges – deposited in Building Maintenance account
    • Grounds charges – deposited in Grounds account
    • Food Services – paid directly by organizer to the University’s current food service contractor
    • Housing Services – paid directly by organizer to the University’s current housing management contractor
    • Other services – deposited into the account specified by the person who assessed the charge (eg: for a lifegaurd, the deposit is made to Rec Complex because they pay the lifeguard)