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Campus Status and Emergency Preparedness

Campus Status and Emergency Preparedness

Current Status: - McNeese is operating under normal conditions.

Crisis and Emergency Communication

The safety of our students, faculty, staff and visitors is important and the University will provide current information about any situation that impacts the campus as soon as it is available using a combination of the following methods:

  • Web (Home page, Portal, Moodle)
  • E-mail: Broadcast message to campus e-mail addresses
  • Campus Telephones: Broadcast voice mail to all campus extensions
  • Text Messaging: Broadcast message to cell phones of students, faculty and staff (FirstCall)
  • Call Boxes: Broadcast message to outdoor public areas and parking lots
  • Campus Information Line (475-5000)
  • 1-800-622-3352
  • Outdoor Public Address System

McNeese has an agreement with FirstCall, an emergency notification service, to deliver e-mail, voice or text messages to cell phones and land lines. Your McNeese e-mail address is automatically entered in the FirstCall database. You can add cell and land line phone numbers to receive First Call emergency messages to your home phone, cell phone and text messages to your smart phone. Additions or changes to your FirstCall information must be done through the MyMcNeese Portal.

McNeese Emergency Teams and Phases of OperationPDF

Planning for Hurricane Season

Weather Resources

Local Media

  • Radio 92.9 FM (The Lake)
  • Radio 107.5 FM (JAMZ)
  • Radio 99.5 FM (Gator)
  • Radio 92.1 FM (KISS FM)
  • Radio 1290 AM (JKEF-Jennings)
  • Radio 1470 AM (KLCL)
  • Radio 96.1 FM (KYKZ)
  • Radio 101.3 FM (Rock 101)
  • Radio 103.3 FM (Jack FM)
  • Radio 97.9 FM (Hot 97.9)
  • Radio 1400 AM (KAOK)
  • Radio 104.9 FM (KZWA)
  • American Press Newspaper