“Plus 30” Validation Requirements

Educators seeking the “Plus 30” salary increase should be aware that Louisiana’s Act 1 of 2012 instituted a performance-based salary computation requirement. Subsequent to that, school districts were tasked by the Louisiana Department of Education to devise salary computation formulas/procedures that were based on teacher performance instead of on the “step increase” model that reflected only years of service and highest credential. Each school district was granted autonomy in this process, which resulted in compensation models varying from district to district. McNeese State University does not guarantee that coursework pursued toward a “Plus 30” will be recognized by a school district. The responsibility to seek this assurance rests on the educator intending to enroll in coursework; therefore, before pursuing coursework, educators are encouraged strongly to contact their districts’ human resources/personnel offices to determine if the “Plus 30” is recognized in new compensation models. Validate your Coursework.

1) Completed, signed copy of the “Plus 30” Validation Application

2) Official transcripts of all graduate coursework from all institutions where graduate credit was earned.  

Once coursework has been validated, a letter of validation will be provided. This letter should be submitted to the educator’s school district’s human resources/personnel office with any other documentation that office may require. Please direct questions regarding the “Plus 30” salary increase to your school district’s human resources/personnel staff; McNeese State University cannot speak on behalf of any school district. Should you have any questions related to coursework or the validation requirements, please contact us at 337-475-5394 or ptaylor@mcneese.edu.