What is Diversity?

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Diversity is understanding and promoting an inclusive university community. From the process of recruiting new students, faculty, and staff to welcoming new students, faculty, and staff to everyday interactions among students, faculty, and staff, we all have a part in creating a campus community where each person feels respected by and connected to the University.
The University has adopted the Diversity Awareness Policy to provide for prompt and equitable resolution of discrimination complaints. The Policy describes the grievance procedure for students and employees who have experienced discrimination. The Policy further defines racial discrimination, sexual harassment/discrimination, gender discrimination, sexual orientation discrimination, age discrimination, and discrimination against individuals with disabilities. The grievance procedures for individuals with disabilities confirms the University’s commitment to providing accessibility to its programs, services, and activities for individuals with disabilities who are otherwise qualified and entitled to a reasonable accommodation.
Individuals who believe they have experienced discrimination, but are uncertain as to whether a complaint is justified or whether they wish to initiate a formal complaint may discuss their concerns confidentially and informally with the Chief Diversity Officer. Students may also consult a staff member at the Counseling Center and the Dean of Student Services.
McNeese State University does not discriminate with regard to race, color, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, religion, disability, veteran status, or age in employment or the provision of services. Inquiries may be directed to the Chief Diversity Officer at Box 93248, McNeese State University, Lake Charles, Louisiana 70609.Telephone: voice (337) 475-5428; hearing impaired TDD/TTY (337) 562-4227.