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Master Plan Instructions-2016

Academic Program Master Plan Progress Report Template-2016  Updated 4/5/2016
**This template contains the common assessments used within each of the units plans. The inclusion of these assessments will ensure the regular collection and analyis of this data, which will prove to be useful as we begin to prepare reports for both the SPA and CAEP Accreditation process. Additionally, each program coordinator should add program-specific, course-embedded assessment measures and benchmarks as he or she deems appropriate.

Undergaduate Samples [B.S., Mathematics Education] [B.A., Social Studies Education]
**These samples provide examples of how to report  and analyze data appropriately. These two samples include measures that are standard to all intitial programs, as well as appropriate course embedded assessments.

Graduate Sample [M.Ed., Curriculum & Instruction]
**This sample provides an example of an advanced program plan.

Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Academic Support Master Planning Resources
**Archived plans, as well as additional Master Planning documents can be found at this site.

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