1.07 Safety Meetings

Vice President of Business Affairs

Office of Environmental, Health, Safety & Hazardous Waste

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  1. A safety meeting can be an effective accident prevention tool.
    1. The function of a safety meeting is to educate, inform, teach and train.
  2. Safety meetings may vary from formal presentations to video presentations.
    1. A wide array of resources is available and are posted on-line quarterly.
  3. Meetings are required to be held quarterly (4 per year), preferably in the months of January, April, July, and October.
    1. Meetings can be held during regular staff meetings where attendance is mandatory or taken on-line and automatically tracked by the University for participation other sign-in sheets must be forwarded to HR office or EHSHW office.
  4. The Dean, Director, or Department Head need not present meetings.
    1. Subject matter experts may be brought in to make a presentation or on-line video presentations chosen by the University may be viewed at the safety website.
    2. The Dean, Director, or Department Head may assign a designated meeting facilitator from his/her staff or utilize on-line videos at the safety website.
    3. Quarterly meetings may be reviewed by employees on the Safety website

Subject Matter

  1. Safety meetings can cover on-the-job, as well as, off the job subject matter.
  2. Meetings are appropriate prior to and at start-up of a new process or procedure, particularly if the process or procedure deals with hazardous materials and/or equipment.

Records / Documentation

  1. Minutes of all safety meetings, if not done through the on-line videos on the safety website, shall be recorded along with participant sign-in sheets and sent to the Dean, Director, or Department Head to forward to the HR office or the EHSHW office
    1. A Safety Meeting Report (SM-1-00) (Section 7: Forms) may be obtained from the forms section of this manual.
      1. This form will document meeting agenda, materials used, attendance, time, date, place, etc.
  2. Original minutes, including signatures of attendees, shall be kept by the Dean, Director, or Department Head. Copies are to be sent to the University’s Safety Officer via e-mail, fax, or campus mail, if not tracked on-line by the University.
    1. Records shall be maintained for a minimum of 3 years.

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