1.06 Job Safety Analysis

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  1. A job safety analysis (JSA) is a process where each step in a job or process is determined, hazards identified in each step, and corrective or protective measures determined to counter the hazards. JSA’s are developed only if a serious accident or death has occurred.


  1.   The Job Safety Analysis will be developed by the department supervisor or his/her designee. EHS / HW Officer is available for consultation.
  2.   A standard form will be used to record the information (Section 7 – Forms).
  3.   Completed JSA’s will be shared with affected employees
  4.   Safety rules and procedures will be revised to accommodate the new plan as necessary. Job Safety Analysis for specific job tasks can be obtained from your immediate supervisor.
  5.   Job Safety Analyses will be maintained in the department creating them and will be readily accessible to the employees.
  6.   Job Safety Analyses will be reevaluated on an annual basis or any time negative trends are discovered in accident/injury analysis, and upon new equipment/procedures being introduced in the workplace.

Steps in Developing JSA

  1.   Select the job
  2.   Perform the analysis
    1.   Select a person or persons to perform the analysis
    2.   Brief the employee demonstrating the task in the purpose of Job Safety Analysis.
    3.   Observe the performance of the job, breaking it into basic steps.
    4.   Record and describe each step.
    5.   Review the breakdown.
  3.   Identify the hazards.

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