1.05 Accident / Incident Investigation

Vice President of Business Affairs

Office of Environmental, Health, Safety & Hazardous Waste

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  1. To establish a method to handle accidents and incidents situations that occur on campus property. These include both incidents and accidents which involve employees and visitors, vendors, clients, spectators.   

Accident / Incident Investigations

  1. Accidents / Incidents must be investigated to an appropriate degree. As a result we have two levels of investigations, a formal and an informal investigation.  
    1. Formal Investigations:
    1.   Formal investigations are conducted for serious accidents. Both EHS / HW Officer and the department and/or the sponsoring organization involved are participants in the investigation.
  2. Informal Investigations by Supervisors:
    1.   Since the supervisor/faculty advisor/organization representative is the person charged with preventing accidents / incidents in his/her work group or organization, that person should be actively involved in filling out the appropriate form to determine the cause or causes of the incident/accident and to implement corrective actions.
      1.   Incident/accident forms may be downloaded from the Safety, Health, Environmental web page for use in conducting the investigation.

  Investigation Procedure  

  1.   Conducting the accident / incident investigation should follow an agenda that serves to assure that all causes are uncovered as follows:
    1.   Obtain background information on the job, the circumstances, work assignment, etc
    2.   Establish events and job steps leading up to the accident
    3.   Determine root causes of the accident
    4.   Develop an Action Plan for prevention of recurrence
      1.   What action is to be taken? (include what, how, where)
      2.   Who is responsible to do this on each element?
      3.   When will each step be completed?
      4.   Arrangements to follow up and assure the action is taken

  Accident Reports  

  1.   Employee Incident / Accident Investigation Form (DA-2000) (Section 7: Forms) is to be used as the basic form for reporting the accidents of employees.
    1.   This report is mandatory. All parts of the form are to be filled in. This report is to be turned in to the Human Resources Department
    2.   It is required by the State and serves as the link between McNeese and Workers Comp.
    3.   In the event of a fatality, the State Loss Prevention Unit will be contacted.
  2.   Visitor / Client Incident/Accident Investigation Form (DA-3000) (Section 7: Forms) is to be used on the basic form for reporting accidents of students, visitors, vendors on campus. All parts of the form are to be filled in.
    1.   This report should be completed and turned in to the appropriate person in the Purchasing Department for processing. These forms are forwarded to the Office Of Risk Management to be handled appropriately.
      1.   This report serves as a link between McNeese and Office of Risk Management.
  3.   Driver’s Accident Report Form (DA-2041) (Section 7: Forms) is to be used when a University (state owned/leased/rent) vehicle is involved.
    1.   In the event of a fatality, the State Loss Prevention Unit will be contacted.
  4.   McNeese Police Reports should be made on all vehicular accidents as well as any accident/incident that requires medical attention or transport to a hospital or Student Health Services. These reports provide notification and information that can be used in accident investigations.

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