1.04 Building Coordinator

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  1. Each building on the McNeese State University campus shall have designated an individual (and alternate) to serve as a Building Coordinator.
    1. The Building Coordinator shall serve as the primary communication liaison between campus support agencies and the building’s occupants.


  1.   Each building coordinator shall:
    1. Initiate service requests to be sent to Physical Plant personnel.
      1. Service requests may be sent to Physical Plant personnel by telephone, fax, voice-mail, e-mail or in person.
    2. Discuss and resolve complaints from building occupants.
    3. Be the liaison with Facilities and Physical Plant personnel concerning building operations.
    4. Act as coordinator for building occupants in implementing emergency response and evacuation plans developed and approved by appropriate University personnel.
      1. The building coordinator will be responsible for contacting University Police in the event of an emergency alarm in the building.
        1. Upon receiving the alarm notification and information from the building coordinator, University Police will either:
          • Notify Lake Charles Fire Department to respond to an actual building fire and respond to the scene to assist in building evacuation; or,
          • Respond to the scene to determine the nature and cause for the alarm.
            • NOTE: Should the alarm be determined to be accidental in nature or a malfunction of the system, the system can be reset and University Police can give an all clear to the occupants to re-enter the building.
            • HOWEVER: Should there be an actual response by the Lake Charles Fire Department, only the Fire Department personnel can give permission when it is safe to re-enter the building.
    5. Work with the University’s Safety Officer to document quarterly building inspections to meet Office Of Risk Management requirements
    6. Report conditions that affect disabled individual to the Equity Office for assistance in resolving the issue.


  1. The designated Building Coordinator (and alternate) shall serve for a minimum of one year.
    1. There is no limit to the number of consecutive terms a coordinator may serve.

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