The Office of Accessibility Services

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The mission of the Office of Accessibility Services is to provide extensive post-secondary services for emotionally, physically, and learning impaired students. Goals include to facilitate the transition from high school to college; to assist students in developing the necessary skills to succeed in college; to provide counseling, including career counseling; and to assist in the successful transition from college to employment. The Office of Accessibility Services provides academic support services and academic adjustments for all disabled students enrolled at this institution as recognized by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). A major responsibility of the department is to offer services such as monitored testing, interpreters, and note-takers for students with disabilities that qualify for these academic adjustments.

Contact Information

Frazar Memorial Library 102
Box 92904
Lake Charles, Louisiana 70609
Phone: (337) 475-5916
TDD: (337) 562-4227
1-800-622-3352 ext. 5916
Fax: (337) 475-5878

Tim Delaney, M.S.
Office of Accessibility Services

Hilda Wiley
Administrative Assistant 2
Office of Accessibility Services

Additional Information

Emergency Evacuation, Sheltering, Shelter-in-Place Plan for Individuals with Disabilities

Voter Registration
The National Voter Registration Act mandates the State of Louisiana to designate as voter registration agencies all offices in the state that provide services to persons with disabilities. McNeese State University Office of Accessibility Services provides assistance with completing and submitting Louisiana Voter Registration Applications/Voter Registration Declaration Form to students with disabilities on an ongoing basis and during authorized voter registration periods. For more information contact the Office of Accessibility Services at (337) 475-5916. For on-line voter registration or to print out a voter registration form please visit: Voter Registration.