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McNeese Bands Create Virtual Guides for High School Students

August 12, 2020 | McNeese Public Relations
Dr Jay Sconyers and McNeese students demonstrate fundamental band skills

McNeese State University Bands is providing a new resource for high school band students to develop their skills through a series of virtual guides to marching band fundamentals.

The 11-video series, which is available at, is intended as an instructional supplement for high school teachers, as well as a method of asynchronous learning for students who may not be able to attend traditional marching band practice due to COVID-19, according to Dr. Jay Sconyers, director of bands at McNeese.

Created with the help of assistant professors of music Dr. Brian Nozny, Dr. Jacquelyn Lankford and Dr. Benjamin Cold and hosted by Sconyers, the videos walk viewers through a number of essential skills, ranging from timing to step, posture and breathing methods. Music majors Tommy Holland and Audie Mae Owens are on hand to demonstrate

“I hope that these videos can be useful for high school students and directors,” says Sconyers. “For high school students, whether they get on the field and perform or not this year, they can watch and continue to develop their skills and feel like they’re moving forward.

“For high school directors, it puts a few more tricks in their bag. There are 10 million ways to teach these skills and I’m always picking up tricks from others, so hopefully sharing some of my tricks will help them, too.”

Sconyers believes these videos will also encourage prospective band students to reach out and connect with the music faculty at McNeese.

“Anyone – no matter their age – who wants to interact with us to learn more about our programs, these topics or other topics, or who wants to visit campus or audition to be a part of our program, we’d love to talk to them,” he says.

To learn more about McNeese Bands or the virtual fundamental videos, contact Sconyers at 337-475-5006 or