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Cowgirl Kickers Prepare To Kick Off A New Season With Online Tryouts

April 29, 2020 | McNeese Public Relations
Zoom tryouts for kickers

McNeese State University Cowgirl Kicker tryouts are underway and have moved online this year.

Originally scheduled to take place April 24-26, director Emily DeRouen and coach Lauren Morris replaced in-person with virtual auditions for the first time. 

“Each year we begin training in late June/early July and we do not slow down until the completion of McNeese baseball season. We did not want to risk postponing auditions and not being completely prepared for the time that events are back in full swing,” says DeRouen. 

Morris adds, “Our pride in representing McNeese led us to the decision of moving forward with our scheduled auditions. We want to be prepared for the time McNeese is back up and running completely.”  

The contestants learned a jazz routine via Zoom on April 22 and emailed recordings of themselves performing the routine, which will be forwarded to judges to be scored.

Competitors were also judged through Zoom on appearance and compulsory rounds on Friday, April 24. The last round of the competition consisted of a short pom-pom combo, again taught by Morris over Zoom, which will be scored by the fourth set of judges.

DeRouen says that after the completion of scoring, a summer camp roster will be made.

“We are anticipating more virtual classes will be held for our new additions to learn the fight songs of McNeese, traditional band cheers and the more than 10 sideline routines. A final roster will be decided on once the team is allowed to practice in-person again on campus.”

She adds that she’s thankful for the help of judges Jessica Theriot, Faren Kleckley White, Marcie Dougay Braud, Megan Vincent Ortego, LaZandra Clay, Angela Mandubourg Guillory, Samantha Prejean Bartlett and Laikyn Cooper. 

 “These women, most of whom are Cowgirl Kicker alumni, gave of their time and expertise in choosing a team we all hold so dearly in our hearts.”