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L.E.A.P. Leadership Program

“Leveraging Emerging and Ascending Professionals”

The LEAP Leadership Program has been designed to further develop faculty and staff at McNeese State University and foster an environment of shared visions, collaboration, and partnership.  Employees selected for the program will participate in six months of enhancing their University knowledge and leadership capabilities to become greater assets to our campus community.  Applications for the spring/summer 2020 session are due by November 22.  The spring/summer 2020 session begins in January.  For information regarding the program structure, see below.

Campus Notice from Dr. Daryl Burckel PDF icon  

LEAP Application/Nomination

Time Frame/Length

  • Two sessions per calendar year
    • Session 1 (spring/summer) – January – June
    • Session 2 (summer/fall) July – December


  • Groups will meet on the Third Friday of each month subject to change based on the academic calendar and other campus operations.


  • Each meeting will be from 12:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. beginning with a networking lunch.

Participant Criteria

  • Employees with 2 or more years of professional experience and the desire to have a larger influence at the University.


  • Employees with the ability to be available for one Friday per month from 12:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.


  • Participants should be nominated by a dean, director, or vice president.


  • Participants should be authorized by their immediate supervisor to participate in the program.


  • There will be 7-10 participants selected per session.


  • Participants will be educated to be able to tell the story of McNeese to the community.
    • There will be presentations about different units/departments of the campus, and how their operations contribute to the success of the institution.


  • Current campus and community leaders will share leadership pathways.


  • There will be group discussions for one common read per session and designated articles.


  • Participants will experience Intimate campus tours to better learn the detailed geography of the campus.

  • Development will key in on areas of priortiy, such as diversity and inclusion, effective communication skills, etc.


  • There will be a group project each session, which will be one McNeese program review.


  • Former University of Louisiana System Management & Leadership Institute members will collaborate to finalize the curriculum for each session and share the responsibility of hosting session meetings.


  • Presenters/ guest speakers will be:
    • College Deans
    • Foundation leaders and donors
    • Athletics administrators & coaches
    • Student Affairs administrators
    • Community leaders
    • Directors of units on campus

LEAP Application/Nomination

If you have any questions or concerns contact:

Kedrick Nicholas, Dean of Students – 475-5610 or knicholas@mcneese.edu
Dr. Chip LeMieux, Dean of the College of Science & Agriculture – 475-5691 or flemieux@mcneese.edu