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American Journal of Psychological Research (AJPR) is a peer reviewed, electronic journal covering all aspects of psychology, with special emphasis on collaborative research by students and their faculty mentors. Publication is sponsored by Dr. Carl Bartling, who provides free access to its contents. Authors retain copyright for their work. AJPR is permanently archived at the Library of McNeese State University.

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Recent Issues – Volume Eleven
Date Title Author(s)
3/15/18 Context-Dependent Memory and Chewing Gum Makenzie A. Ocker and Crystal M. Kreitler
3/15/18 Examining Shyness and Self-Esteem in Athletes and Non-Athletes Urska Dobersek and Denise L. Arellano
3/15/18 Effects of Forming Mental Images on True and False Memories Sau Hou Chang and Benton H. Pierce
Recent Issues – Volume Ten
Date Title Author(s)
12/30/14 Impact of Social Comparison on Relationship Satisfaction Bianca Augustine, Tiffany Augustine, Colin Broussard and Carl Bartling
Recent Issues – Volume Eight
Date Title Author(s)
03/01/12 Ajzen’s Theory of Planned Behavior and Social Media Use by College Students Rebecca Cameron, Harvey Ginsburg, Michael Westhoff and Roque V. Mendez
03/01/12 Save the Best for Last? Social Psychology Taught in Introductory Psychology Courses Drew A. Curtis and Christian L. Hart
Recent Issues – Volume Seven
Date Title Author(s)
05/20/11 The Phonological Loop and Articulatory Suppresion Philip Landry and Carl Bartling
04/08/11 The Effects of Explicit and Implicit Cognitive Factors on the Learning Patterns in the Iowa Gambling Task Melissa J. Hawthorne, Dawn R. Weatherford, and Karin Tochkov
03/17/11 Individual Differences in Working Memory and Motor Performance: A Cognitive Style Approach Ahmad Ghotbi-Varzaneh, Amin Ghamary, Esmaeel Saemi, and Mehdi Zarghami
03/17/11 Knowledge of Aging and Late Life Depression among a Sample of Non-Physician Clinicians: A Preliminary Analysis Stacy A. Ogbeide and Christopher A. Neumann
02/21/11 Religious Affiliation and Internal/External Religious Coping A. Jerry Bruce, Marsha J. Harman, S. Thomas Kordinak, Jeremy Angus, & Imelda Duran
Recent Issues – Volume Six
Date Title Author(s)
08/12/10 The Effects of Humor and Gender on the Relationship between Social Support and Psychological Well-Being Sammy K. Ho and Maria P. Y. Chik
08/12/10 Emotion Regulation Abilities and Perceived Stress as Predictors of Negative Body Image and Problematic Eating Behaviors in Emerging Adults Kia K. Asberg & Audra Wagaman
08/09/10 Battle Within: Role of Cognitive Style in Conflict Resolution Strategies of Male College Students Shawn D. Healy, Debra A. Harkins and Sukanya Ray
07/13/10 Personality in Preschool Children: Preliminary Psychometrics of the M5-PS Questionnaire Amy M. Scheck, L. Alvin Malesky, Jr., Cathy L. Grist, and David M. McCord
07/02/10 Challenging the Balancing Act: Women, Postmodernism, and the Demand to “Have It All” Manila Austin, Debra A. Harkins, Michelle Ronayne
05/14/10 Monotony in Monogamy: A Study of Married Individuals Seeking to Have an Extramarital Clint Smith, Rebekah Hall, and Justin Daigle
05/05/10 Biological, Psychological, and Sociological Effects on Juvenile Delinquency Lauren Ardoin and Carl Bartling
04/05/10 Power and Empowerment in a Non-profit Organization Michelle Ronayne, Debra Harkins, Manila Austin, Carol Zulauf Sharicz
03/17/10 Obtaining a Behavioral Measure of Sacrifice without Assessing Romantic Couples Brent A. Mattingly, Laura D. Van Berkel, Jennifer K. Seda and Blair T. Suppes
03/10/10 Sex Differences in Romantic Jealousy: Evaluating Past and Present Relationship Experience Ashton Southard and Millicent H. Abel
01/20/10 Relating Sense of Humor to the Five Factor Theory Personality Domains and Facets Andrew Johnson and David M. McCord
01/06/10 Effects of Color on Memory Encoding and Retrieval in the Classroom Jennifer V. Martinez, Crystal D. Oberle, and Jon G. Thompson Jr.
01/06/10 Determinants of Male Attractiveness: “Hotness” Ratings as a Function of Perceived Resources Gregory A. Shuler and David M. McCord
01/06/10 Viewing Contextual Style in Context: Cognitive Style of Clinicians-in-Training Charles A. Dooley and Debra A. Harkins
Recent Issues – Volume Five
Date Title Author(s)
12/09/09 Peer Teasing, Body-Image and Eating Problems among Women Moira Traci Creedon, Sukanya Ray, and Debra A. Harkins
10/19/09 The Influence of Physical Attractiveness on Promotion Recommendations in Male and Female Applicants Millicent H. Abel*, Allison Croysdale, and Stephanie Stiles
10/15/09 An Exploratory Study of Resilience and Coping Strategies Among Portuguese-Speaking Immigrant Women Survivors of Domestic Violence Carla Maria dos Santos Bernardes, Sukanya Ray, and Debra Harkins
09/24/09 Food Quantity Estimates: Inaccurate when Visible and Even More Inaccurate from Memory Harvey J. Ginsburg, Bliss M. Wilson, Kristine M. Bannon, Jessica J. Reichwein, Jessica A. Freeman, and Amanda L. Castilleja
09/24/09 Assessment of Multidimensional Personality Traits: A Review of the Psychopathic Correlates of the M5 Questionnaire Steven L. Proctor
David M. McCord
07/10/09 Risky Behaviors in Male versus Female College Students: A Modern Day Paradigm Shift Sara Villanueva Dixon, Ph.D.
Ilse Carrizales
06/05/09 Relationships of Research Attitudes, Racial Identity, and Cultural Mistrust Lauren Mizock and Debra Harkins
02/24/09 Developing a GRE Review Workshop:
Assessing Needs for Persons With and Without Disabilities
Marissa F. McKee, Amy R. Pearce, R. Richard Breeding
02/20/09 The Impact of Emotions on Problem Gambling Karin Tochkov
02/20/09 Being in an Abusive Relationship and Assessments of Domestic Violence Cases Lauren Ginefra, Ernesto Henriquez, and Michael J. Brown
Recent Issues – Volume Four
Date Title Author(s)
11/07/08 Smiling, Job Qualifications, and Ratings of Job Applicants Millicent H. Abel,* and Mandi Deitz
10/20/08 Start Today or the Very Last Day? The Relationships Among Self-Compassion, Motivation, and Procrastination Jeannetta G. Williams, Shannon K. Stark, and Erica E. Foster
06/09/08 An Analysis of African-Centered Psychology, Diversity, and Cultural Trends Using the Social Theory Model Camille Drake-Brassfield
06/05/08 Connection Between Personality Type and Sports Urska Dobersek and Carl Bartling
03/01/08 Differences Among Gender-Role Identity Groups on Stress Bernadette M. Gadzella, Catharina Carvalho, and William G. Masten
05/23/08 Gender and Advertisement Pictures in AAARP: The Magazine Shirley Matile Ogletree, Florine Oyakhire, Celisse A. Morgan Valdovinos, & Emilie Ajani
Recent Issues – Volume Three
Date Title Author(s)
1/03/07 The Use of Race in Social Categorization Beth Hentges & Cynthya Campbell
2/07/07 Happiness, Life Satisfaction, and Depression in College Students: Relations with Student Behaviors and Attitudes Irina Khramtsova & David A. Saarnio, Tamara Gordeeva, Katharine Williams
3/07/07 The Effects of a Sales Clerk’s Smile on Consumer Perceptions and Behaviors Millicent H. Abel and Malcolm Abel
09/01/07 Sensory Acuity and Binge Eating Sarah C. Sitton and Autumn F. Sullivan
09/01/07 Religiosity and Gender Role Attitudes Billie Clare Myers
09/10/07 Sexual Attitudes of Criminal Justice College Students: Attitudes toward Homosexuality, Pornography, and other Sexual Matters M. L. Dantzker and Russell Eisenman
09/10/07 The Effect of Cell Phone Use on Fine Motor Functioning Bourgeois, M., Dilks, L., Bartling, C., Libersat, A., White, R., Bourassa, J., Martin, C., and Dilks, S.
09/10/07 The Effect of Testing Environment on Participant Perceptions of Communication Quality in Coordination with Relationsip Satisfaction in Non-Violent Relationships Benjamin J. Parker and Carl A. Bartling
12/30/07 The Long Term Effects of Ethylene Dichloride Exposure on Memory Functioning Dilks, L., Marceaux, J., Dilks, S., Bourasssa, J., Martin, C., Ashworth, B., and Hixson, S.
12/30/07 Gender Differences in Internet Use and Online Relationships Yelizaveta Golub, Michelle A. Baillie, and Michael J. Brown
12/30/07 Discrimination Ability of Traditional and Action-Based Measures of Attentional Style in Sports Jonathan D. Mouton and Crystal D. Oberle
Recent Issues – Volume Two
Date Title Author(s)
1/10/06 Teaching the Statistics Laboratory – Keep up the PACE Pearce, Amy R. & Cline, Robbie L.
1/15/06 Validity Study of the Western Psychological Services Finger-Tapping Test Dilks, L. et al.
6/8/06 Perception of Traits from Normal, Mirror and Chimeric Images of Faces Sitton, Sarah C., Waite, Lauren, and Rivers, Stephanie C.
6/8/06 Differences Among Female University Students Gadzella, Bernadette M., & Carvalho, Catharina
11/15/06 Supervisor Attachment as a Predictor of Developmental Ratings of Supervisors Foster, Joel T. et al.
11/15/06 Ironic Effects of Mental Control in Problem Solving: Evidence for the Implementation of Ineffective Strategies Hart, Christian L. & Randell, Joe A.
Archives – Volume One
Date Title
1/05/05 An Analysis Of The Categories In The Student- Life Stress Inventory
1/05/05 The Effects Of First Name Stereotypes On Ratings Of Job Applicants: Is There A Difference Between Bill And William?
1/05/05 Internet Dating Ads: Sex, Ethnicity, Age-Related Differences, And Support For Evolutionary Theory
1/16/05 Relationships Between The Cognitive Assessment System And Writing Achievement In Students With And Without Writing Disabilities
3/15/2005 The Effects of Applicant Gender and Substance Use
History On Perceptions of Job Applicants
4/4/2005 An Inhibition From Being Shy: Shyness and its Effects on Career Preferences of College Students
4/18/2005 Religious Pluralism, Religious Activity, and Religious Coping
5/20/2005 Recall of Emotional Intensity and Pleasantness for Events From Adolescence as a Function of Age
5/20/2005 Effects of Typeface and Font Size on Legibility for Children
7/20/2005 Promoting a Practitioner-Based Agenda in the Development, Dissemination, and Implementation of Empirically Supported Treatments
7/20/2005 Email Format and Instructions: Influences on Reading Times, Retention, and Preferences
7/20/2005 Cell Assignment among Violent and Non-Violent Offenders and its Effect on Recidivism
8/15/2005 Emotional Writing Effectiveness: Do Coping Styles and Timing of the Event Predict Outcomes?