2.13 Accident Reporting

Vice President of Business Affairs

Office of Environmental, Health, Safety & Hazardous Waste

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  1. To define the requirements for reporting accidents occurring in University vehicles or personal vehicles while conducting University business. (A University vehicle is defined as any licensed vehicle owned/leased/rented by the State Of Louisiana for University purposes.)


  1. If involved in an accident while using a University vehicle or personal vehicles while conducting University business, the driver must report the accident to his or her supervisor as soon as possible after the accident.
    1.   This must be done within 24 hours of the accident and as simple as a phone call to the Supervisor.
  2.   Authorized drivers should also report accidents while driving their personal vehicle on personal business.
    1.   Use the DA2041 form substituting personal vehicle information instead of state vehicle information. This information should be kept on file by the driver’s supervisor and not sent in to Risk Management.
  3.   The supervisor must notify the following University officials as soon as possible when the accident is in a state vehicle:
    1.   The Program Designee
    2.   Physical Plant Manager
    3.   Property Control
    4.   Human Resources
    5.   Office of Environmental Health Safety and Hazardous Waste


  1. Complete the Accident Report Form DA-2041 (Section 7: Forms) as quickly, completely and accurately as possible, at the scene of the accident or immediately after leaving the scene.
    1.   This report must be completed and given to the driver’s supervisor ASAP after the accident (fax if necessary).
      1.   If a driver is not able to complete the form, his/her supervisor should do so.
    2.   The completed report must be reviewed and forwarded to the Transportation Claims Unit, Louisiana Office of Risk Management within 2 working days.
  2.   A copy of the Uniform Motor Vehicle Traffic Accident Report (Police Report), pictures of the accident scene and all vehicles involved, should accompany the accident report or should be sent to the Transportation Unit, Louisiana Office of Risk Management as soon as it is received by the agency.
  3.   Drivers, and any other University community member involved in any accident, must cooperate fully with authorities in all post accident investigations and/or any related inquiries.
  4.   After the accident, the supervisor of the driver shall review the accident report.
    1.   The supervisor shall determine whether the accident was preventable on the part of the driver.
    2.   The supervisor will recommend corrective actions, including disciplinary measures that can be taken to insure an accident of this nature does not occur again.
    3.   The supervisor should then forward the report to the Program Designee for review and assistance in administering such actions.
  5.   To report an accident while using a personal vehicle to conduct University business:
    1.   The driver should get copies of all accident reports, including pictures, etc.
    2.   The driver should follow the procedure of his/her personal insurance plan.
    3.   The driver should contact his/her supervisor immediately.
    4.   The driver should provide his/her supervisor with all pertinent details and information regarding the accident.
    5.   The supervisor should organize the information into a report.
    6.   The supervisor should then notify the MSU Program Designee and advise the Program Designee of the situation and provide as much pertinent information as possible.
    7.   The MSU Program Designee should contact the following University officials and advise each of the accident and forward copies of any information available:
      1.   Office of Environmental Health, Safety and Hazardous Waste
      2.   Property
      3.   Personnel
    8.   The driver should contact Property to discuss additional procedures and steps necessary in a situation such as this.

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