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  1. To define an authorization process to become a qualified driver to operate either a University vehicle or personal vehicles to conduct University business. (A University vehicle is defined as any licensed vehicle owned/leased/rented by the State Of Louisiana for University purposes.)


  1.   The supervisor / department head will review the Authorization/Driving History Form.
    1.   After considering the need for the applicant to drive a University vehicle, the supervisor / department head may either approve the applicant’s request and forward the Authorization/Driving History Form to the Program Designee coordinating and administering the McNeese State University Safe Driver Program.
    2.   The supervisor may reject the request and destroy the Authorization/History Form (this form contains personal and confidential information).


  1. Applicant(s) seeking authorization must first complete an Authorization/Driving History Form (Section 7: Forms)
  2.   Applicant must submit the completed form to his/her supervisor for review and consideration.
  3.   Once the supervisor / department head has approved the Authorization / Driving History form, it will be forward to the University’s Program Designee for review
    1.   The completed form will be used by the Program Designee to obtain an Operator Driver Record (ODR).
      1.   An ODR can only be checked on a Louisiana state driver’s license.
      2.   An ODR is required annually for program participation.
      3.   All program participants will be notified at the beginning of each fiscal year by LISTSERVE to update their information for verification to continue in the program.
      4.   Persons with out-of-state driver’s licenses will be required to pay for their ODR.
    2.   The Program Designee will review the ODR to determine whether or not the applicant is eligible to participate in the MSU Safe Driver Program and become a driver of a University vehicle or his/her personal vehicle to conduct University business.
      1.   The review of an ODR is necessary to determine whether or not an applicant to the program is considered a High Risk Driver (HRD).
      2.   At no time is an HRD eligible to drive either a University vehicle or his/her personal vehicle to conduct University business.
        1.   Definition of an HRD:An individual having three or more convictions, guilty pleas and/or nolo contendere pleas for moving violations or an individual having a single conviction, guilty plea or nolo contendere plea for operating a vehicle while intoxicated, hit and run driving, vehicular negligent injury, reckless operation of a vehicle or similar violation, within the previous year of application.
        2.   If the Program Designee discovers the applicant is an HRD, the application will be rejected. A HRD may not drive on University business for one year from the time of discovery by the Program Designee.
        3.   The applicant will be notified of the rejection. His/her name will not appear on the Eligible Driver’s List.
        4.   The applicant may reapply at a later date.
      3.   If the ODR reflects the applicant is a viable candidate to drive either a University vehicle or his or her personal vehicle to conduct state business, the MSUDSP Program Designee will advise the applicant and the applicant’s supervisor of this.
    3.   Each applicant must successfully complete a Safe Driver Training Course. The course may be taken online at https://leo.doa.louisiana.gov/irj/portal.
      1.   A copy of the applicant’s vehicle insurance and a copy of the certificate for completion of the Safe Driver Course will be then given to the Program Designee to be placed in the applicant’s file.
    4.   Drivers are to operate only those University vehicles falling into their designated class of operation.
    5.   Drivers must possess a current valid motor vehicle operator’s license at all times.

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