1.16.1 Medical / First Aid Program

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Office of Environmental, Health, Safety & Hazardous Waste

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  1. To provide basic medical / first aid services for individuals requiring immediate assessment and / or assistance while on McNeese State University campus. The Emergency Medical System (EMS) will be activated in all situations


  1. Any person(s) recognizing a medical emergency is responsible to activate EMS by contacting University Police.


  1.   Recognize medical emergencies in individuals
    1.   Unusual appearance or behavior such as:
      1.   Difficulty breathing
      2.   Clutching chest or throat
      3.   Slurred, confused, hesitant speech
      4.   Unexplained confusion or drowsiness
      5.   Unusual skin color
      6.   Sweating for no apparent reason
    2.   Unusual noises
      1.   Screams, yells, moans or calls for help
      2.   Sudden loud voices
    3.   Unusual sights
      1.   Spilled medicine container
      2.   Obvious bleeding
      3.   Trauma
      4.   Seizures
  2.   Response
    1.   Determine that an actual medical emergency exist.
    2.   Contact University Police.
      1.   University Police will contact EMS personnel to respond, if needed.
    3.   Monitor victim until assistance arrives.
    4.   Provide medical care only if trained to do so.
      1.   Continue care until EMS arrives on scene.

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