1.13.1 Hazard Communication

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Office of Environmental, Health, Safety & Hazardous Waste

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  1. To insure that individuals are informed about hazardous chemicals in their workplace / classroom and their proper use to avoid potential accidents and injuries.


  1.   Department heads, supervisors, faculty and staff are responsible for communicating information about the hazards and the use of safe procedures when working with chemicals in their workplace / classroom.
    1.   This communication includes the use of chemical labels and materials safety data sheets (SDS).
    2. Hazardous Communication shall be part of the classroom syllabus at the beginning of each semester in facilities where hazardous materials are stored and handled.


  1. Read labels and SDS prior to use.
    1.   Do not use a container that has no label.
  2.   Follow manufacturer’s warning and instructions.
  3.   Use appropriate personal protective equipment and clothing.

Chemical Labels and Material Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

  1.   Chemical label formats should include:
    1.   Chemical identity (Name)
    2.   Name and address of manufacturer or importer
    3.   Specific hazard warnings
  2.   Chemical labels may also include:
    1.   Precautionary measures such as personal protective equipment
    2.   Safe work procedures
    3.   Handling / storage instructions
    4.   First aid instructions
    5. Labels should be checked periodically for condition & possible need to replace.
  3.   Material safety data sheet (SDS) information includes:
    1.   Chemical identity (Trade name)
    2.   Manufacturer / importer name and telephone number
    3.   Hazardous ingredient
    4.   Physical / chemical characteristics
    5.   Fire / explosion hazard data
    6.   Physical hazards
    7.   Health hazards
    8.   Reactivity
    9.   Safe handling and use
    10.   Response to spills and leaks
    11.   Control measures

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