1.09 Residence Halls

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Office of Environmental, Health, Safety & Hazardous Waste

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  1.   To insure safe residential environment in all University housing.


  1. Safety for residents, staff, and visitors to the residence halls is the responsibility of Student Services.
  2. The department reports unsafe hazards or conditions to Physical Plant for correction.
  3. Programs and procedures for the purpose of insuring a safe residential environment administered by Student Services shall be as follows:
  1.   Safety Inspections
    1.   Dorm rooms shall be inspected every four weeks for fire safety by the Community Assistants (CA’s).
    2.   Written reports shall be made and filed within the office of Student Services.
    3.   There shall be mandatory clean up (by the student) and re-inspection (by the staff) of any safety violations.
    4.   Students shall be encouraged to report safety violations and anything out of order or missing.
  2.   Fire Safety
    1.   The buildings themselves are fire resistant but the contents are flammable (furnishings and personal belongings).
      1.   Candles and other open flames are prohibited in resident halls.
        1.   Refer to Section 1, General Safety Program, Procedure #1.77, Candles / Open Flames Device Policy for additional information.
    2.   The program for fire prevention and emergency evacuation shall include the following:
      1.   Emphasis on fire prevention and safety at all new student orientation sessions and initial house and floor meetings each semester.
      2.   Fire training meeting scheduled by Student Services for the staff each semester.
      3.   The Physical Plant personnel shall coordinate inspection and maintenance of fire safety equipment in all University Owned facilities. The Housing Management contractor shall coordinate inspections and maintenance in all third party housing.
      4.   Evacuation plans shall be prominently posted in all residence halls.
      5.   Student Services shall maintain a list of residence halls and the names / location of any student(s) with disabilities.
  3.   Fire Drills
    1.   An unannounced fire drill shall be conducted in all residence halls once each semester for Spring Summer and Fall.
      1.   The Student Services Offices shall schedule and coordinate all fire drills with the Physical Plant and University Police department and notify the Office of Environmental Health, Safety & Hazardous Waste in writing of the dates and times of these drills.
    2.   Community Assistants (CA) shall monitor the resident housing while the drill progress and shall complete a Floor Fire Drill Report Form (Section 7: Forms), then forward to Student Services within 24 hours.
    3.   Student Services shall complete the Student Services Summary Fire Drill Report Form (Section 7: Forms).
      1.   The completed document shall be forwarded to the Office of Environmental, Health Safety and Hazardous Waste.
  4.   Fire-Safe Christmas Decorations In Student Housing / Common Areas
    1.   Christmas decorations are an extreme fire hazard, the following limitations on decorations are necessary:
      1.   All decorations shall be fire resistant.
      2.   Natural Christmas trees or cut boughs are not allowed in Residence Halls.
      3.   Artificial trees labeled as made of non-burning materials may be used.
      4.   The use of burning candles is very dangerous and is therefore prohibited.
      5.   Door decorations or foil shall be suspended from the edges of the door.
      6.   Keep electrical decorations away from the metal doorframes.
      7.   Only approved cool LED bulbs shall be used on lighting strings.
      8.   Do not string lights so that the door could close on the wiring.
      9.   Check extension cords to insure that they do not have breaks in the insulation.
        1.   Keep the use of extension cords to a minimum.
        2.   Use them only for a limited number of small lights, not for appliances.
      10.   Do not use untreated cotton batting, flock, or paper as they ignite easily and burn continuously
      11.   No exit from the individual floors or houses shall be blocked by Christmas decorations.
  5.   Fire Occurrence
    1.   If a fire occurs, (1) clear everyone out of the building by pulling the evacuation (fire) alarm, (2) call Campus Police at 475-5711, and (3) contact an advisor.
    2.   Fight the fire only if you can do so safely, keeping an exit route open.
    3.   Otherwise, close doors to confine the fire and exit out-of-doors.

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