1.02 Assignment of Responsibilities

Vice President of Business Affairs

Office of Environmental, Health, Safety & Hazardous Waste

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To establish the roles and responsibilities of key personnel to maintain safe conditions while on McNeese owned property.  


President, Vice Presidents, Deans, Directors and Department Heads

  1. President and Vice Presidents
    1. As chief administrator, the president is responsible for overall direction of the campus safety and environmental program. The president is responsible for establishing policies, assuring that implementation of the policies are facilitated through appropriated resources, and that rules and procedures therein are adhered to by all university personnel and students. The president may delegate certain safety and environmental responsibilities to appropriate levels within the university community.
  2. Deans, Directors, and Department Heads
    1. As key administrative elements in the organization of the campus community, deans, directors and department heads implement safety and environmental programs within their respective organizations and assure that implementation and enforcement is in place for all such programs. Other responsibilities include:
    2. Provide for the conduct of periodic self-inspections in their area of responsibility utilizing the appropriate inspection form (Section 7: Forms)
    3. Provide for the prompt investigation of all accidents resulting in injury to personnel for whom they are responsible and submit a report of the findings “Accident / Incident Investigation Form DA-2000 (Section 7: Forms)
  3. Professors and Other Supervisors
    1. As the key figures in the safety and environmental program, faculty / supervisors shall carry out instructions from their superiors and assure that safety and environmental procedures are followed in everyday operations on campus. The following responsibilities are also required:
      1. Have a working knowledge of all safety principles and safety rules applicable to their area of responsibility.
      2. Conduct periodic self-inspections of their area of responsibility and submit appropriate inspection reports as required.
      3. Investigate all accidents or incidents that could have resulted in injury and/or property damage to determine cause and prevent recurrence.
      4. Promote good housekeeping and proper safety performance.
      5. Insure that students/employees are schooled in the proper use and maintenance of supplied safety equipment, including personal protective equipment.
      6. Insure that the proper tools and equipment are selected for the job and are used correctly.
      7. Develop efficient material handling procedures to facilitate safe lifting, carrying, and storage of materials.
  4. Environmental, Health, Safety and Hazardous Waste (EHS / HW) Officer
    1. Duties include, but are not limited to, the following
      1. Directs the implementation of the university EHS / HW Program including: fire safety, inspections, accident investigations, hazardous waste, environmental, safety rules and procedures.
      2. Develops and/or makes recommendations for safety/environmental policies as needed.
      3. Serves as the liaison for federal, state, and local agencies
      4. Oversees testing and monitoring programs for environmentally hazardous areas and processes
      5. Directs the Hazardous Waste Collection and Disposal Program
      6. Makes safety/environmental inspections when deemed necessary
      7. Coordinates the campus safety and environmental training program
      8. Coordinates the industrial hygiene activities for the campus
  5. Employees, Students and Visitors
    1. Obey safety and environmental rules and regulations.
    2. Report unsafe conditions and procedures to appropriate authorities.
    3. Refrain from actions that could cause injury or damage property / equipment.
    4. Monitor others to warn/stop actions that could cause injury or damage property / equipment.
  6. Non-Compliance
    1. Persons found to be non-compliant with this policy will be referred for corrective action to the appropriate administrative personnel to whom they report.

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