Transfer Checklist

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Undergraduate Transfer Checklist

Students transferring into nursing must:

  1. Apply to the University and meet admission criteria. The transfer student admitted to the University must be in compliance with the eligibility and retention-progression criteria for the BSN program;
  2. Contact the Department of Undergraduate Nursing to initiate a transcript(s) evaluation after a letter of acceptance for admission to the University is received;
  3. Provide a transcript of all previous college work to the Department of Undergraduate Nursing;
  4. Submit a course description and content from completed nursing courses to the Department of Undergraduate Nursing transfer advisor one semester prior to placement in the clinical nursing sequence, as requested;
  5. Complete 12 semester hours of course work or permission of the department head prior to enrollment in any 300 or 400 level nursing course; and
  6. Apply to the clinical nursing sequence (refer to application process). Once accepted in the clinical nursing sequence the student will not be allowed to transfer a nursing course from another university or college.