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McNeese SAGE Lecture on WWII Service Animals Set

October 17, 2018 | McNeese Public Relations
Toni Kiser's co-authored book cover Loyal Forces: The American Animals of World War II

As part of McNeese State University’s Fall 2018 SAGE Series, author Toni Kiser will present a lecture titled “Loyal Forces: The American Animals of World War II” at 3 p.m., Monday, Oct. 22, in the McNeese SEED Center.

Toni Kiser's co-authored book cover Loyal Forces: The American Animals of World War IIKiser’s lecture is based on the book by the same title she co-authored with Lindsey F. Barnes. Her presentation focuses on the often overlooked impact and sacrifices made by American service animals during World War II.

From the last mounted cavalry charge of the U.S. Army to the 36,000 deployed homing pigeons, the armed forces utilized the instincts and dexterity of horses, mules, dogs, pigeons and other animals to protect and transport soldiers and equipment, deliver communications and sustain morale both at home and abroad. Though not always in the direct line of enemy fire, these animals had their lives put at risk for the jobs they performed and many did not return home.

Kiser earned a Bachelor of Arts in history from Brevard College and a Master of Arts in museum studies from George Washington University. She is currently assistant director for collections management at the National World War II Museum in New Orleans.

Lectures are open to the public and cost is $59 for the series. For more information or to register, call 337-475-5616 or visit

Persons needing accommodations as provided by the Americans with Disabilities Act should contact the ADA Coordinator at 337-475-5428, voice; 337-475-5960, fax; 337-562-4227, TDD/TTY, hearing impaired; or by email at