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Ilse N. Bulhof to Speak at Banners at McNeese

February 28, 2019 | McNeese Public Relations
Heaven and Earth poster with a cut out tree
Heaven and Earth poster with a cut out tree

The first free lecture for the 2019 Banners at McNeese State
University arts and heritage cultural season, titled “Ilse N. Bulhof: The
Tree Between Heaven and Earth,will be on Tuesday, March 12, at
7 p.m. in Stokes Auditorium of Hardtner Hall. 

Ilse N. Bulhof was an internationally acclaimed academic,
philosopher, visionary and bestselling author who accomplished the great feat
of living and dying exactly as she wanted. Bulhof subverted previous models of
scholarship and research by combining the fields of history and philosophy in
an interdisciplinary way that gripped her readers.

Join her son, McNeese’s own Johannes Bulhof, assistant professor of
philosophy, for this engaging lecture about her life and works. From
hermeneutics to historicism and beyond, Bulhof will share with us the
fascinating trail his mother blazed. Is philosophy the tree between heaven and
earth? Is reality fixed or interpreted as a text by each individual? These are
just some of the questions Bulhof will address.

Admission is free but space is limited to first come first served,
so be sure to grab your seat early.

For more information about this and the entire lineup of music, theatre, film and lectures during the Banners at McNeese State University 2019 spring season, visit  or call 337-475-5123.

Persons needing accommodations as provided by the Americans with Disabilities Act should contact the ADA Coordinator at 337-475-5428, voice; 337-475-5960, fax; 337-562-4227, TDD/TTY, hearing impaired; or by email at