Poke Pantry

Fostering Student Well-Being

“Fostering student wellbeing by alleviating the mental pressures of food and essential supply insecurities while providing a greater ability to focus on academic goals and the overall student experience”

Purpose Statement

The purpose of the Poke Pantry is to alleviate the mental pressures of food and essential supply insecurities for McNeese students, giving them a greater ability to focus on their academic goals and overall student experience. The initiative is being launched utilizing funding provided by the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) for student mental health support. Pantry items will be managed by the Office of Student Services and distributed using an online reservation process. Student support funding will be utilized to keep the operation in place beyond the one-time appropriation from LDH.  The pantry operation is exclusively for actively enrolled McNeese students.

How to Use the Poke Pantry

  • Submit a request using the request form.
  • Requests should be submitted at least one week in advance.
  • Students can submit a written request (including justification) to pokepantry@mcneese.edu.
  • Each pantry item has a point value.
  • Students who abuse the pantry operation will receive a written warning followed by a loss of pantry access.

Items Available in the Poke Pantry

The Poke Pantry maintains a wide variety of items including non-perishable food items, hygiene supplies, cleaning supplies, and other essentials contributing to the overall well-being of McNeese students.

Claiming Your Pantry Items

Students will be assigned a day and time to claim their pantry items. Students should not attempt to pick up items before being notified. Pickup times are the following:

  • Monday (10am – Noon)
  • Tuesday (1pm – 3pm)
  • Wednesday (10am – Noon)
  • Friday (9am – 11am)
  • Other: By approved appointment for non-traditional students, adult learners, and students with exceptional circumstances

Panty Location

The Poke Pantry is located in the Holbrook Student Union Annex (New Ranch) near the Einstein Bros food court. Access is restricted to Student Services staff and students with scheduled pickups.


If you have questions concerning the Poke Pantry, contact the Office of Student Services at 337-475-5609 or email pokepantry@mcneese.edu.