1.17 Annual Self Audit

Vice President of Business Affairs

Office of Environmental, Health, Safety & Hazardous Waste

Posted On: July 31, 2013 |


  1. An annual self-audit is a systematic, documented, objective review by University personnel of its operations and practices related to the meeting of the requirements of the Louisiana Office of Risk Management to provide its faculty, staff, and visitors an environment free from hazards likely to cause injury, illness, or property damage.


  1. Overall responsibility for conducting the annual self-audit lies with the Office of Environmental, Health, Safety and Hazardous Waste. However, a team approach utilizing personnel from various departments is encouraged.


  1. Self-audits shall be conducted once a year. This will usually occur in the Fall of each year prior to the Louisiana Office of Risk Management audit.

Areas of Review

  1.   Areas of review should include:
    1.   General safety audit.
    2.   Driver safety audit.
    3.   Bond and crime audit.
    4.   Equipment management audit.
  2.   Auditors will utilize Louisiana Office of Risk Management audit forms (Section 7: Forms) to complete their findings.
    1.   Supporting documentation should be attached to these forms.


  1. Findings shall be compiled and placed on file by the Office of Environmental, Health, Safety, and Hazardous Waste.
  2.   Discrepancies notated will give University personnel the opportunity to begin corrective action prior to the audit by Louisiana Office of Risk Management.

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