1.16.2 Bomb Threat

Vice President of Business Affairs

Office of Environmental, Health, Safety & Hazardous Waste

Posted On: July 31, 2013 |


  1. To provide guidelines for handling a bomb threat to ensure that information can be accurately communicated to University Police in a timely manner.  


  1.   Any individual that receives a bomb threat or has knowledge of a threat must contact University Police as soon as possible.  


  1.   If you receive a bomb threat:
    1.   Stay calm.
    2.   Keep the caller on the telephone as long as possible.
  2.   Contact University Police while you are completing the checklist at:
    1.   #111 if calling from an on-campus extension
    2.   475-5711 if calling from a cell telephone
  3.   Complete a ‘Bomb Threat Action Checklist’ (Section 7: Forms) as soon as possible.
    1.   This checklist is to be kept under or near your telephone at all times.
  4.   McNeese officials, working in conjunction with the Building Coordinators, Crisis Response Team, Building Evacuation Team, members of law enforcement and emergency response personnel will determine appropriate actions to be taken.
  5.   Evacuation
    1.   Evacuation team members will direct persons to exit quickly, calmly, and quietly
      1.   Evacuees will be advised to refrain from using any electronic device until further notice.
      2.   Lights that are on are to be left on.
      3.   Doors that are open are to be left open.
    2.   Evacuees are to be routed to a predetermined safe location.
      1.   Using class and personnel rosters, a determination will be made as to whether or not all personnel have been safely evacuated.
    3.   During evacuation, if a suspected explosive device is noticed:
      1.   Do not disturb it
      2.   Leave the area immediately
      3.   Report finding to University Police

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