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Next SAGE Series Lecture Set

Next SAGE Series Lecture Set

John H. Lawrence, director of museum programs at the Historic New Orleans Collection, will make a presentation on Creole houses at 3 p.m. Monday, April 4, on the second floor of the McNeese State University SEED Center as part of the 2016 spring SAGE series at McNeese. Book Cover for Creole Houses

The lecture is based on a book of photographs, “Creole Houses: Traditional Homes of Old Louisiana,” by Steve Gross and Sue Daley with commentary by Lawrence.
Lawrence will talk about a vast variety of Creole houses from bygone eras - houses that typically conjure visions of brightly painted exteriors, interiors filled with vintage Southern objects and lush, exotic gardens. Incorporating professional photography, Lawrence will offer a contemporary look at how these traditional homes still serve their owners as both residences and windows to times past.

At the Historic New Orleans Collection, Lawrence is responsible for planning and implementing museum exhibitions, lectures, seminars and related activities. He is also the head of Curatorial Collections, having oversight of pictorial and object holdings numbering in excess of 300,000 items. 

He has written and lectured widely about aspects of contemporary and historic photography and the administration and preservation of pictorial collections.

He also chairs the Williams Prize Committee of the Louisiana Historical Association and serves as a member of the Tennessee Williams New Orleans Literary Festival board. The Arts Council of New Orleans has honored him with a Community Arts Award for his work as a museum curator and photographic artist.

Lawrence holds degree in literature and art history from Vassar College. He also holds a certificate in museum management from the Getty Leadership Institute.

For more information or to register, call 337-475-5616 or visit

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