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SAGE Series Continues

SAGE Series Continues

(February 3, 2017) McNeese State University will host a lecture titled “Furnishing Louisiana: Creole and Acadian Furniture 1735-1835” by Jessica Dorman, director of publications, marketing and student education at the Historic New Orleans Collection, at 3 p.m.  Monday, Feb.13, in the McNeese SEED Center as part of the 2017 Spring SAGE series.

Dormer’s lecture - based on the book by the same title published by the Historic New Orleans Collection - will focus on the unique tradition of cabinetmaking in the Mississippi River Valley from the traditional French models brought by Louisiana’s earliest settlers to the changes and combinations in style produced by the influences of later peoples and cultures, including Anglo-American, Caribbean, Canadian and African.  
Adapted to Louisiana’s unique climate and available materials, these influences would combine to create the one-of-a-kind craftsmanship and distinctive styles of Creole and Acadian furniture. While much attention has been paid to the cultural importance of Louisiana’s music, architecture and literary history, cabinetmaking remains an underappreciated, yet no less noteworthy, expression of bayou culture, artistry and heritage.

Dorman earned her doctorate in the history of American civilization from Harvard University. On staff at the Historic New Orleans Collection since 2004, Dorman has edited numerous award-winning books and has served as an curator for several exhibits. She was also associate editor of the Tennessee Williams Annual Review for nine years.

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