Workers Compensation

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All employees are covered, free of charge, under the State of Louisiana, Office of Workers Compensation in accordance with applicable rules and regulations related to on the job injury or illness. Lost time payments and payment of medical bills will be made to employees for covered injuries or illnesses which occur during the scope of employment.

In the event that an employee is injured or is involved in an accident during the course of employment, there are responsibilities for the employee and the supervisor.


  1. Report injury/illness to supervisor immediately.
  2. Report in person to Human Resources as soon as possible unless there is a medical emergency or life/limb emergency. Report to Human Resources as soon as possible after emergency treatment.
  3. Complete proper paperwork for the Office of Risk Management/Drug Testing (if required) in Human Resources before seeking medical assistance unless there is a medical emergency or a life/limb emergency.
  4. Report any lost time from work to supervisor and to Human Resources.
  5. Return to regular duty by physician certification or transitional modified duty that is within medical restrictions (if any) as set by physician, as part of a rehabilitation program if applicable to position, and as approved by appropriate university personnel.


  1. Complete Incident/Accident Investigation Form, conduct investigation, and submit the original form to Human Resources. Maintain a copy in department.
  2. Contact Human Resources for further instruction or accompany injured/ill worker to Human Resources as supervisor signature may be required on certain documents.
  3. Maintain contact with injured/ill worker for updates to condition.
  4. Find or develop transitional modified duty for employee with restrictions, if applicable, as directed by the Director of Human Resources and the Safety Officer.