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Vehicle Use Policy

Vehicle Use Policy

Business Affairs and University Services
Date enacted or revised: 
Rev January 12, 2015


University fleet vehicles are available to employees of the University for official University business purposes. The Office of Facilities and Plant Operations manages the University fleet.

Telephone reservations for the use of a vehicle are made on a tentative basis only. A written Request for University Transportation, utilizing the appropriate form, must be approved by the Comptroller and the appropriate Vice President, Dean, and/or Department Head before the vehicle may be picked up.

If a scheduled trip cannot be made, the employee who has reserved a vehicle must notify the Office of Facilities and Plant Operations at least 12 hours in advance, so that the vehicle may be made available to others. Failure to notify the Office of Facilities and Plant Operations may result in a charge of $10 being assessed to the requesting department's travel budget.

All vehicles are furnished with a daily vehicle log. The daily vehicle log must be completed by the driver, including the destination and the purpose of the trip. A sample of a completed log is provided in the vehicle for the driver's convenience. Failure to complete the daily vehicle log may result in the suspension of the use of University vehicles to a particular individual or to an individual department.

All vehicles must be returned to the parking area provided at the facilities building. Failure to return a vehicle at the end of the scheduled period, without reasonable cause, will result in a $10 per day charge to the department's travel budget for each day the vehicle is overdue. 

Gasoline Credit Cards

If an approved traveler uses a University vehicle and the trip exceeds 300 miles, the traveler may receive a gasoline credit card primarily for the purchase of fuel, but also to purchase vehicle operation incidentals. Gasoline credit cards will not be issued to travelers for use in the operation of privately owned vehicles or rental vehicles. The approved credit card user must sign for each purchase and must ensure that the quantity, unit price, and vehicle license number are recorded on each receipt. The credit card receipt, along with a written explanation of the reason for the purchase, shall be given to the Office of Facilities and Plant Operations. Examples of incidentals include oil, tires, wiper blades, various fluids for the protection and safe operation of the vehicle, etc. Under no circumstance, may personal items, such as food and drink, be purchased on a University issued credit card, even with the intension of reimbursing the University.
Travelers in University vehicles who purchase needed repairs and equipment while on travel status shall make use of all fleet discount allowances and state bulk purchasing contracts, where applicable. Before making such purchases, travelers should contact the Purchasing Office to learn of the existence and location of participating vendors. For travelers who are on travel status, but who cannot pay with a University issued gas credit card, may be reimbursed on a dollar for dollar basis by submitting an approved Travel Expense Account form, FACS BA-12, and appropriate supporting expenditure documentation.

The keys, credit cards, credit card receipts, etc. must be returned to the Facilities Office when the vehicle is dropped off.  For convenience of travelers, a drop box is provided at the front entrance of the Facilities Office for returns that are after business hours.

Vehicle Care

Users of vehicles are expected to exercise reasonable care and to maintain the automobile in neat condition. Smoking or use of tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, is strictly prohibited in all vehicles. Cold drink cans, bottles, paper cups, paper plates, etc. must be removed from the vehicle before it is returned to the Office of Facilities and Plant Operations.  Failure to do so may result in a clean-up charge. Departments or individuals who abuse the privilege of using a University vehicle may be denied the use of a vehicle in the future.

Operational Requirements

  • No vehicle may be operated in violation of state or local laws.
  • No vehicle may be parked in accessible parking spaces, except for those operated by persons with disabilities.
  • Unless required by ADA, animals are prohibited from riding in University vehicles.
  • No traveler may operate a vehicle without having in his/her possession a valid U.S. driver's license. 
  • Employees may operate only those vehicles for which they are licensed, and a current valid driver's license must be presented to Facilities personnel when picking up a university vehicle.
  • Safety restraints shall be used by the driver and passengers of vehicles.
  • All drivers of University vehicles, rental vehicles, and privately owned vehicles for University business must have attended a Louisiana safe driver course within the past 3 years and must have a satisfactory driving record.
  • Texting while driving is strictly prohibited.
  • Use of cell phones while operating a university vehicle is strongly discouraged.  If an employee must use a cell phone to receive or make a call, the employee is advised to pull over the vehicle and stop before using a cell phone.

Authorized Personnel

Only classified and unclassified University employees, University student employees, and personnel specifically authorized by the President or his designee, in writing, may operate a University vehicle for University business.

Students may not be authorized to drive a University owned or rented vehicle unless they are employed by the University. In addition to being employed by the University, the student must have passed a Louisiana safe driver course and must have been verified as having a satisfactory driving record.

Passengers in University vehicles, who are not employees, must have signed a State of Louisiana-Office of Risk Management Hold Harmless Agreement acknowledging that neither the University nor the State of Louisiana assumes any liability for any loss, injury or death resulting from said travel. Copies of this agreement may be obtained from the Office of Facilities and Plant Operations. Students who routinely travel for sports, debate team, SGA, SUB, etc. may sign one indemnification form for the fiscal year, but it must be renewed at the beginning of each new academic year.

Unauthorized persons should not be transported in University vehicles. Approval of exceptions to this policy may be made by the traveler's supervisor if he/she determines that the best interests of the State will be served and only if the passenger (or passenger's guardian) signs a State of Louisiana-Office of Risk Management Hold Harmless Agreement acknowledging that the state assumes no liability for any loss, injury, or death resulting from said travel.


All accidents, major and minor, shall be reported first to the local police department or appropriate law enforcement agency. Vehicle users must also inform their supervisor immediately and must complete the accident report form provided in the vehicle. The Office of Facilities Plant Operations must also be notified immediately. Accident or Incident Reports must be submitted to the Office of Human Resources.

Privately Owned Vehicles

Employees who use their privately owned vehicles for official University business must also comply with the sections entitled Operational Requirements and Accidents. In addition, passengers must complete the State of Louisiana-Office of Risk Management Hold Harmless Agreement as required by the section entitled Authorized Personnel.