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McNeese State University Alumni Association

McNeese State University Alumni Association

University Advancement
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The purpose of the Alumni Association is to assist and encourage the material prosperity, academic progress, and extra‑curricular growth of McNeese State University.


All graduates become members through a $1 per semester assessment and a $10 graduation fee voted by the students.  These funds help support the cost of printing and mailing the Alumni Newsletter to all alumni.  Active alumni are those that donate to the Alumni Annual Fund.

Awards of Distinction

The McNeese Alumni Association presents the following awards in recognition of personal achievement.
The Distinguished Alumnus Award is the highest honor that an alumnus can receive.  This award recognizes those individuals who have distinguished themselves in their field of endeavor and have brought recognition to their alma mater.  Faculty and staff can recommend a candidate to the alumni office, with the final selection being made by the Alumni Board of Directors.
The Distinguished Service Award is presented to an alumnus who has provided continued and outstanding service to the university and the alumni association.  Faculty and staff can recommend a candidate to the alumni office, with the final selection being made by the Alumni Board of Directors.
The Distinguished Faculty Award is presented to a faculty member during spring commencement.  The Alumni Board of Directors establishes a selection process so that a committee representative of the university can select a recipient.  Each year the award will represent a specific area of faculty achievement such as teaching, research, and service.  The award includes a cash stipend.
Student Research Awards are cash awards that are presented.  The Dean's Council aids in selecting the recipients.      

Restricted Funds

The Alumni Association's fiscal year is July 1 to June 30.  During this time the association receives contributions from the direct mail campaign and the phone-a-thon.  Alumni can make donations to the alumni annual fund and can request that their gift go to a specific campus department.  The Alumni Office receipts these funds, sends thank you letters to the donors, and processes any accompanying matching gift forms.  A copy of the acknowledgment letter is also sent to the campus department that is to receive the donation.  After having been receipted, these funds are transferred in total to the appropriate campus departments.

Alumni Center

The Alumni Center has a large meeting room and kitchen facilities that can be booked for University related events.  If you have a question about dates or availability, contact the Alumni Office at Ext. 5232.

Database management

The Alumni Office maintains records on all graduates of the university and makes them available when apporopriate for accreditation purposes, academic surveys, and universtiy newsletters.  The Alumni Office also manages an in-house website that enables the association to send e-newsletters to alumni throughout the year in order to keep them informed of the news and events of the camppus and the association.