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Faculty Emeritus

Faculty Emeritus

Academic and Student Affairs
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Granting of Emeritus Titles

The emeritus or emerita title may be granted to honor, in retirement, loyal faculty and administrators who have made distinguishing professional contributions and have served significant portions of their careers at the institution: e.g., emeritus professor of chemistry, emerita dean of education, emeritus president. The System President may recommend to the Board of Supervisors the title of President Emeritus or Emerita only as appropriate.

To be eligible for consideration for academic emeritus status, the individual must have achieved the rank of professor. In exceptional cases, an associate professor with an outstanding record of achievement and contribution to the University may be recommended for this status.

Criteria for Emeritus Status

The following are the minimum criteria for consideration for granting of emeritus status. However, meeting the minimum criteria should not be considered adequate justification for recommending emeritus status.

  1. A minimum of ten consecutive years of full-time employment with the University immediately prior to retirement at the institution.
  2. Clear evidence of outstanding teaching and/or administrative services.
  3. Recognized record of meritorious professional achievement, growth and development.
  4. Clear evidence of University service beyond the normal or ordinary expectations.

Process for Granting Emeritus Titles

Nomination for emeritus should be initiated by the department head and/or dean after consultation with tenured faculty in the department or college as appropriate. Evidence of achievement of minimum criteria required to receive the honor should be documented. Nominees should have a record of dedication, loyalty and exemplary service and contribution to the institution. The nomination is forwarded to the vice president for academic affairs for presentation to the appropriate Ad Hoc University Emeritus Committee for review and approval. The President is responsible for committee appointments.

Recommendations from the Ad Hoc University Emeritus Committee are submitted to the Academic Advisory Council for approval.

Nominations approved by the Academic Advisory Council are submitted to the President for review and approval.