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Course Delivery Classifications

Course Delivery Classifications

Academic and Student Affairs
Date enacted or revised: 
October 28, 2013
McNeese State University classifies the delivery of academic courses into one or more of four classifications. Primarily, this policy is intended to provide clarity on the variations of electronic courses offered at the University. Beyond that, the policy helps to ensure accurate representation of courses to students and to aid in consistent interpretation of course delivery formats across departments.


A course scheduled for in-person, on-site delivery as per the class schedule.
  1. Notations must be added to the class schedule if any percentage of the course is scheduled for online delivery for students to make informed scheduling decisions. This means that the course delivery may include online assignments that supplant in-person, on-site class meetings. Online instruction/assignments may not consist of more than 50% of the course meeting time.
  2. Occasional instances where a face-to-face class meeting is supplanted with online instruction (e.g. instructor absence) are acceptable without the need for notations in the class schedule.
  3. Designated as A through Z sections in class schedule with exceptions of sections including CV, W, WH, and X.


A course where 100% of the course is delivered online.
  1. Does not require any occasions where students are required to be present in a physical location at a prescribed date or time for instruction. Proctored exams, however, may be required as long as reasonable accommodations are made to provide more than one date, time, and location for students.
  2. Most student-student and student-faculty engagement is asynchronous. Engagement may be synchronous as long as sessions are scheduled with reasonable accommodations to student needs.
  3. Designated as W or X section in class schedule.

Web Hybrid

A course delivered both in-person, on-site and online where at least 50% but not 100% of the course is online.
  1. Notations on class schedule must provide dates for face-to-face class meeting information for students to make informed scheduling decisions.
  2. WH courses are scheduled as such with the intention of supplanting online instruction with face-to-face instruction. A course with an occasional "online meeting" because of a faculty absence or another unforeseen reason to cancel a scheduled face-to-face meeting does not constitute a WH course. Additionally, a course with online activities (e.g., online discussion, submission of assignments, exam) used to supplement face-to-face activities does not constitute a WH course.

Compressed Video

A Face-to-Face or Web Hybrid course offered via live teleconference.
  1. Designated as CV sections in class schedule.