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The adult learners are allowed the opportunity to pursue their degree online without putting their lives on hold. Sociology allows adult learners to take advantage of two 7-week sessions within a regular semester and some three-week sessions as well as six week sessions during the summer. This allows students to earn credits each session during the semester while only having to concentrate on one or two classes at the same time. The online courses allow students to access class information and assignments when and where they choose.

An undergraduate degree in sociology provides a strong liberal arts background for you to provide further graduate work in sociology to become a college professor or researcher, advanced study in social work, law, counseling, journalism, public administration business, or one of the health professions, entry-level positions in business, human services, government and research. Additionally, sociology majors who enter the business world work in sales, marketing and consumer research, customer relations, training, or human resources. Sociology majors who enter human services work with at-risk youth, the elderly, substance abuse, or the criminal justice system. Those who enter government services work in areas such as transportation, housing, agriculture, and labor.

Required courses in research methods, statistics, and computer skills enable sociology majors to compete for support positions in research, policy analysis, and program evaluation. Sociology prepares students for entry into positions requiring broadly educated persons with good oral and written communication skills, critical thinking skills and professional demeanor. Employers then train them in the specific skills and knowledge required for their workplaces.

According to the United States Government, the employment growth for sociologists is expected to be much faster than average, making this an excellent field to obtain a degree in. By the year 2018, the field of sociology is expected to grow by 21%.

Admission into Sociology is reserved for non-traditional students (25 years of age and over), or students who have difficulty balancing job and family with school. See Admission Requirements for more information.

Through the Sociology program, you will be on the fast-track to complete your degree through on-line classes and services, accelerated course delivery, and Prior Learning Assessment.

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