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Traffic Regulations Table of Contents

  1. General
  2. Handicap Parking & Enforcement
  3. Vehicle Registration
  4. Permit Display
  5. McNeese State University Zone Parking
  6. Alternate Parking For Full Lots
  7. Fines/Other Violations/Information
  8. Visitor Parking
  9. Bicycle and Motorcycle Parking
  10. University Traffic Appeals Committee
  11. Crime Statistics
  12. Penalties For Excessive Violations

The University maintains nearly 6,000 parking spaces on campus. Please refer to the Campus Parking Maps Tb to see the specific lot designations and permit requirements. While parking on the core of the main campus can become congested during peak use periods (8 am to noon), there is always excess parking capacity in the Sale Lot and in Lot A located at McNeese and Common Streets where there are 1,076 designated parking spaces available during class days. During football games Lot A is restricted to football permit holders.

The operation of a motor vehicle on the campus is a privilege granted by the university. Serious or excessive infractions of these regulations constitute grounds for the revocation of this privilege. Students, faculty, and staff members are particularly urged to familiarize themselves with the sections of this site pertaining to parking restrictions, moving violations, parking violations, and penalties.

A vehicle registration permit/hangtag authorizes persons to park in the zones to which they are entitled only if space is available. A parking space is not guaranteed in those zones. Additional space is available for all persons in the stadium parking area and on Sale Road west of Ryan Street.

Persons found to be in unauthorized possession of a vehicle hang tag or decal (using a hang tag/decal not issued to them) will be fined and will automatically receive revocation of their parking privileges for the remainder of the academic term. Subsequent violations of the revocation will result in fines and the immediate removal of the vehicle from campus at the owner's expense.



McNeese State University traffic and parking regulations include both the provisions outlined in this bulletin and signs, street and curb markings, etc., as located throughout campus. Parking is permitted only in designated parking areas and is expressly prohibited on streets, lawns, neutral grounds, sidewalks, in loading zones, at bus stops, on sidewalk crossings, near fire hydrants, in front of barricades along service drives, or in not zoned areas. During restricted hours (7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday), students, faculty, and staff personnel must park only in those zones, which their official university parking permit entitles them. (View the Parking Map)

The university assumes no responsibility for the safety and/or security of any vehicle or its contents at any time it is operated or parked on campus.

The university reserves the right to tow and impound vehicles abandoned or parked in any place or manner creating a potential hazard for pedestrian or vehicular traffic or impeding the movement of emergency equipment. All vehicles parked on campus must be operable or are subject to being towed. The owners of such vehicles are required to pay towing costs and impoundment fees.

University police officers are duly commissioned under the laws of the State of Louisiana, the Parish of Calcasieu, and by the university. These officers are authorized to make arrests and issue citations for all types of traffic violations and criminal acts.

All students, faculty, staff, employees of contractors and other organizations affiliated with or housed at McNeese are responsible for fines arising from violations incurred in the operation of their vehicles, including those incurred by other individuals who use said vehicles. This applies to all vehicles owned by or registered to the address of the responsible party.

Handicap Accessible Parking & Enforcement

The University takes its responsibility in providing designated accessible parking spaces seriously in order to provide access to the campus for individuals with a physical disability. Enforcement is taken just as serious to ensure that these parking spaces are used appropriately. Accessible parking violations are enforced 24 hours-a-day, year long. Enforcement action such as a university citation, a state court citation and/or immobilization or impoundment can result for violators parking in a handicap space without a valid State of Louisiana Disabled Parking Hang Tag, disabled driver license plates or disabled veteran license plates displayed. Law enforcement officers from other jurisdictions such as the Lake Charles Police Department, Marshal's Office, Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office and Louisiana State Police can also take enforcement action on campus for a accessible parking violation, (these citations are filed through the local Court system.

The State of Louisiana has adopted the American's With Disabilities Act (ADA) standard for designating and marking a accessible parking space. Thus State Law merely requires that a parking stall be posted with a handicap logo parking sign. However, the University tries to include blue parking stall striping whenever possible as a further marking courtesy, (LRS 40:1742, et al).

Citations issued by University Police through the campus parking violation system are $200 for the 1st offense and $300 for the 2nd and subsequent ofenses, along with potential immobilization and/or impoundment. There are additional fees associated with removing an immobilizer or for a registered owned to claim their car from a towing yard. University however, routinely issue a accessible parking citation through the state criminal court which has a mandatory fine of $500.

How Can I Obtain a Louisiana State Disabled Parking Hang Tag or Plate?

If you a disabled resident of Louisiana, your disability must be certified by a physician to qualify for either the mobility impaired license plates or the mobility impaired hang-tag. There are several disability conditions which qualify you as mobility impaired in accordance with the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicle (OMV) rules. The disability must be classified by your physician as permanently impaired or as temporarily impaired.

You can download the Medical Examiner's Certification of Mobility Impairment form 'DPSMV 1966' which is necessary for obtaining either the mobility impairment license plates or the mobility impaired hang-tag. Provide the completed form to your physician for certification of the disability. Take the completed and certified form to your local Louisiana OMV for processing. Temporary hang-tags are valid for one year and permanent hang-tags are valid for four years. Disability license plates are valid for two years. There are fees assessed for each type of permit by OMV.

The Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles web site is located at:

Vehicle Registration

All faculty, staff, employees, and students who operate vehicles on the campus must register their vehicles and properly affix an official university vehicle registration permit within 24 hours following the completion of the registration in any given semester. Any official university vehicle is exempt from having to display a parking decal. A vehicle registration permit authorizes persons to park in the zones to which they are entitled only if space is available. A parking space is not guaranteed in those zones. Additional space is available for all persons in the stadium parking area.

Motor vehicles operated on campus are required to adhere to university parking and traffic regulations. Vehicles acquired at any time following the completion of the registration period on any given semester must be registered with University Police before they may be operated on campus. With the exception of vehicles operated by bona fide visitors, all vehicles must be registered as for the use of university parking facilities. This includes all facilities on the main campus and the athletic complex. University police officers may immobilize any vehicle receiving four citations for violations of university parking regulations. Immobilization and/or towing may take place on subsequent violations. Any vehicle which cannot be immobilized may be towed. Immobilized vehicles not claimed within 24 hours may be towed. University police officers will assess an impoundment charge for the removal of wheel locking devices from vehicles. Vehicles are towed at the owner's expense.

Vehicle registration is completed at the University Police office located at 4314 Ryan Street. Students must bring a paid MSU receipt and a current vehicle registration to register the vehicle. All vehicles acquired during any given semester and after the end of the regular academic period must be registered at the University Police office before they may be operated on campus.

Anyone issued a hangtag must bring the hangtag with him or her to be validated along with the paid receipt. University Police will require a current State Registration for vehicle registration.

Vehicle registration fees are collected at registration and are $18 for fall semester, $17 for spring semester and $15 for summer session. In the fall, students are also offered the option of registering for both fall and spring semesters; however, no portion of the combined fee of $35 is refundable. Decals may also be purchased for the entire year (fall / spring / summer) for $40.00 however, no portion of the combined fee of $40 is refundable. NO refunds are made on parking decals for whatever reason. If a student drives more than one car to campus, each vehicle must have a separate parking permit number (hangtag). Maximum of two permits per individual can be issued at the full price for each.

Receipt of a third permit will require hardship documentation submitted to the Traffic Control Committee.

Faculty/staff may purchase, through payroll deduction, their annual hangtags for $40 at the University Police office. Faculty/staff must bring his or her current vehicle registration.

All hangtags are the property of MSU Police Dept. and must be turned in upon resignation or graduation. Graduating students must turn in their hangtag (during regular office hours) before receiving their diplomas.


Permit/Hangtag Display

Commuter student parking permit/hangtags must be properly displayed hanging from the front mirror of the vehicle with the permit number clearly visible from outside of the vehicle. Improper display or obscured display of a parking hangtag is a violation subject to enforcement.

Owners of registered vehicles must notify University Police as soon as possible whenever their permits/hangtags have been destroyed or otherwise rendered useless.

The display of permits on vehicles other than those for which said permits are specifically issued constitutes a serious infraction of the Campus Traffic Regulations and may lead to the revocation of registration privileges. Hang tag permits are transferable to vehicles operated by the person assigned to a Parking Hangtag, but the vehicles used by that individual must still be registered with the University Police.

Expired permits/hang tags must be removed from vehicles.

In case of emergency, you may obtain temporary permits at the University Police office. All vehicles must have permits or hang tags when on campus.

Students/faculty/staff are responsible for all vehicles operated on campus whether or not registered with the University Police. Vehicles registered to the Student/faculty/staff address are the responsibility of that person.

Hang tags for the Handicapped should be placed behind the MSU tag. Handicapped persons must have ID card and be able to present it upon request.

Zone Parking

Restricted parking according to specifically designated zones is in effect Monday through Friday (officially recognized holidays excepted) from 7 a.m. until 4 p.m. During these hours of restriction, faculty, staff, employees, and students are to park only in those zones to which they are entitled on the Parking Map. After 4 p.m. students, faculty, and staff may park with permit in any legal parking space with the exception of Zone J (behind cafeteria), MSU POLICE ONLY (behind University Police), or spaces provided for the handicapped.

Faculty/staff restricted hours parking areas are restricted to Faculty/staff only. All commuter student lots will be open for all parking (with permit) after 12 noon. Faculty/staff lots will be open for all parking for faculty/staff and students (with permit) after 4 p.m. Loading/unloading vehicles and visitors must obtain a temporary parking pass from University Police.

No students are allowed to park in Faculty/Staff parking areas until after 4 p.m.

Resident lots are reserved for residents only at all times.

The 15-minute parking in Zone A, adjacent to student services and the bookstore, may be used by faculty, staff, and students with current decals. The time limit will be strictly enforced.

Parking behind the cafeteria is for cafeteria personnel only and is restricted for their use at all times.

Residents are issued resident parking hang tags and must park only in lots assigned for use by residents of their respective residence halls between the hours of 7:00AM - Noon. At other times they are subject to the same regulations as commuter students. Escort service is available through the University Police for those students who cannot find a parking space near their residence hall.

Vehicles parked in a manner creating a hazard, such as in fire zones, streets, or traffic lanes may be towed at owner's expense.

Specially designated parking spaces for service vehicles are located adjacent to various buildings and are restricted to the use of service vehicles at all times.

Special parking permits (permits to park in any parking lot with the exception of visiting parking, wheelchair zones, and behind cafeteria) must be justified in writing and approved by the University Traffic Control Committee.

Alternate Parking For Full Lots

Faculty/Staff may park in lots designated for Commuter Students.

The University provides over 6,000 parking spaces on the University Campus, and parking is almost always available, (even when the main campus may become congested during peak use hours), in the overflow lots.  Student parking is available at the stadium lot (Lot A) across McNeese Street (1,074 stalls are available) and at the temporary parking lot on the south side of Sale Road west of Ryan Street (over 300 spaces are available). This is the Old Charles Cinema location, designed by blue "Student Parking" signs.

Fines/Other Violations/Information

Parking Violations and Fines
Violation Fine

No Permit 1st


No Permit 2nd


No Permit 3rd


No Permit 4th


Wrong Lot 1st


Wrong Lot 2nd


Wrong Lot 3rd


Wrong Lot 4th


Wrong Way on One Way St.


Parking Over Line


Expired Decal 1st


Expired Decal 2nd


Expired Decal 3rd


Expired Decal 4th


Improper Display of Permit


Timed Zone Violation


Blocking Drive


Misuse of Decal 1st


Misuse of Decal 2nd


Handicap Violation 1st


Handicap Violation 2nd


Removal of Immobilizer 1st


Removal of Immobilizer 2nd


Removal of Immobilizer 3rd


Prohibited Zone 1st


Prohibited Zone 2nd


Prohibited Zone 3rd


Prohibited Zone 4th


Speeding on Street 1st


Speeding on Street 2nd


Speeding in Parking Lot 1st


Speeding in Parking Lot 2nd


Fail to Yield


Counterfeit Permit 1st


Counterfeit Permit 2nd


Parking in Fire Zone


Loud music 1st


Loud music 2nd


Loud music 3rd


Revocation Violation


Parking on Lawn


Parking on Sidewalk


Parking on Street


Failure to Obey Police


Disregard Stop Sign


Unauthorized Possession of a permit
(fine + revocation of parking privileges for remainder of academic term)


All operators of vehicles on the campus are subject to the penalties for moving violations.

Reckless driving, driving while intoxicated, driving while under the influence of drugs, drag racing, and driving at excessively high rates of speed constitute serious moving violations. Citations issued for these offenses will be referred to District Court for prosecution under the Traffic Laws of the State of Louisiana.

Collision reports for on campus crashes will be on file at the University Police Department.


Visitor Parking

All visitors must obtain a temporary parking pass from University Police.

Visitors are entitled to the use of all parking areas and zones except specially designated service vehicles. Visitors receiving citations for parking violations, except for parking in handicapped and fire zones, are not subject to the payment of fines and penalties, but are requested to comply with the instructions found on the back of the ticket.

Vehicles brought on campus by students, faculty members, staff personnel, or employees are not eligible for classification as a "visitor vehicle" under any circumstances. Residents of MSU not currently enrolled in class are NOT visitors.

Large groups such as conventions, conferences, etc., who anticipate visiting the campus are required to make advance special parking arrangements with the University Police Department, call 337-475-5711 during regular business hours..

Bicycle and Motorcycle Parking

Bicycles are to be parked in the bicycle racks situated at various locations throughout the campus. The locking of bicycles to trees, utility poles, etc., or the parking of bicycles along walkways, lawns, etc., or in any area that impedes the flow of pedestrian and/or vehicular traffic or hinders the work of the grounds maintenance crew are considered parking violations. These infractions subject the bicycle in question to impoundment.

Motorcycles are to be parked adjacent to bike racks and are subject to the same regulations as bicycles.

University Traffic Appeals Committee

If a student or a member of the university faculty or staff believes a citation for a parking or other violation is unwarranted, an appeal may be made to the University Traffic Appeals Committee. This committee is a quasi-judicial body organized under the authority granted by the State of Louisiana and consists of three faculty members and two representatives selected from the Student Government Association (SGA). The Committee has been formed to hear and take action on all such appeals. One of the faculty members shall be designated to serve as chair of the committee.

Appeals against any violation citation issued by the University Police may be filed within 7 calendar days of the date the citation was issued. Appeals must be filed online. Failure to file a formal appeal to the University Traffic Appeals Committee within the prescribed 7-day time limit shall constitute a forfeiture of all appeal privileges.

The University Traffic Appeals Committee shall meet monthly at a time and place selected by its membership. Once selected, the time and place of the meeting shall remain constant unless changed by appropriate committee action. The committee shall keep University Police informed as to its standing schedule so that the appellants may receive instructions on when and where to appear. Appellants have the right to present witnesses and/or affidavits in support of their appeal. The university reserves the same right.

Crime Statistics

Continual efforts are made to inform the MSU community of matters that affect personal safety and security. Regular reports regarding current problems and reported crimes are published in the student newspaper, as well as issues relevant to the campus community.

The MSU Police Department also reports its monthly crime statistics to the Universities of Louisiana System and the FBI Uniform Crime Report. University police blotters and arrest reports are available to the media daily and formal press releases are issued to address serious or unique problems that may also occur on campus. The university believes that an informed public is a safer public. In compliance with the 1990 Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act, the most recent campus crime statistics are available online.

Please Note Carefully:

Nonpayment of fines, costs, and impoundment fees assessed for violations of University Traffic Regulations shall constitute grounds for prohibiting students from registering at the university in subsequent semesters. Transcripts validating credit earned for academic courses also shall be withheld pending full payment of such fines, costs, and fees.

The operation of a motor vehicle on the campus is a privilege granted by the university. Serious or excessive infractions of these regulations constitute grounds for the revocation of this privilege. Students, faculty, and staff members are particularly urged to familiarize themselves with the sections of this brochure pertaining to parking restrictions, moving violations, parking violations, and penalties.

A vehicle registration permit authorizes persons to park in the zones to which they are entitled only if space is available. A parking space is not guaranteed in those zones. Additional space is available for all persons in the stadium parking area.

Penalties For Excessive Violations

Individuals receiving four or more citations may be subject to immobilization of his or her vehicle for the fourth and subsequent violations. All fines assessed to immobilized vehicles at the time of immobilization must be paid before the vehicle is released back to the owner. Any other outstanding fines will be charged to the violators' account for collection. Those who continue to violate the regulations after this point may be subject to disciplinary action, revocation of parking privileges, and towing of his or her vehicle at his or her expense.