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Resolutions and Minutes

Resolutions and Minutes

Past, Current, and Future Issues

It is important for faculty to remain aware of the issues that have been addressed by the Faculty Senate, as well as those currently under consideration and those planned for future discussion.  This page will include resolutions passed from the previous academic year, resolutions currently being proposed, as well as on-going and future projects.

2015-2016 Items and Resolutions

2016-2017 Resolutions

1617-01 Virtual Presence Resolution.pdf

Further resolutions for the current academic year will be posted prior to the September 7th meeting.

2016-2017 Planning

The Faculty Senate is exploring the feasibility of hosting town hall meetings with state leadership regarding higher education funding in the Spring 2017 semester.  More information will be provided as it becomes available.


The meeting minutes of the Faculty Senate represent topics that are of importance to the senators, and they are intended to be a form of accountability, information, and transparency.  Minutes from the Faculty Senate can be found on the Moodle site.